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Why Do I Need To Provide a Budget Range When Submitting My Service Requirements?

Budget ranges submitted with your scope of work are for guidance only.

Using The ChatGPT Integration When Submitting Your Business Requirements

You can now use our integration with ChatGPT to writing project briefs and business requirements.

MeasureMatch Enterprise

MeasureMatch Enterprise is exceptional expertise & tailored customer service for demanding, discerning business leaders who are prepared to pay what it takes for game-changing value.

When Do Clients Need To Pay?

The general rule goes like this: It's free to submit business requirements (aka project briefs), it's free to receive pitches and proposals and you're free to walk (at no cost) none of the service providers is a good fit. ‍So, when do clients need to pay?‍

What if I'm not happy with a consultant/consultancy for any reason?

If you're ever not happy about any part of the MeasureMatch platform or the service expected from a consultant or consultancy, please send a note to

Client Account Signup Process With A Project Brief

Here's a step-by-step view from the very beginning including the submission of services requirements.

What Happens When Project Briefs Are Released Silently? (for clients)

Sending notifications to service providers participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace it tricky. We need to strike a fine balance between usefulness and annoyance.

Who are MeasureMatch's clients?

MeasureMatch clients are primarily business leaders in marketing, commerce, customer experience, analytics, technology, and related roles.

Can consultancies (large or small) sign up to MeasureMatch?

Yes! MeasureMatch is a platform for both solopreneur consultants and consultancies, but also agencies and consultancies.

How is MeasureMatch different from other services marketplaces?

Here are a few differences: - MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace, not a freelance marketplace.

Who are the founders of MeasureMatch?

James Sandoval founded MeasureMatch in 2016. Tom Ray joined as Co-Founder and Head of Platform in 2017.

Which services are available to buy via the MeasureMatch platform?

The MeasureMatch network of systems & data consultants, consultancies, agencies and systems integrators is around 4,000 strong in 50+ countries (as of early August 2019).

Why are businesses signing up to MeasureMatch to buy services?

There are several drivers behind why our clients turn to the MeasureMatch marketplace to buy services.

Video: Client Account Walk-Through

Here's a full walk-through of the Client account experience as of 23 July 2022.

MeasureMatch Platform Fees For Buyers Of Services

Pricing that rewards growth & loyalty

How do I end a contract early?

When that time comes, please simply get in touch with us so we can help.

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