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MeasureMatch Platform Fees For Service Providers

While it's free to register for a Client, Service Provider or Partner Exchange account, MeasureMatch centrally makes money by collecting platform fees from each successful services contract completed through the marketplace.

How quickly do service providers get paid?

Our goal is to collect payment within 10 business days from invoice

Do service providers need to send an invoice to MeasureMatch to receive payment?

That all depends on where you're based.

What Happens When Project Briefs Are Released Silently? (for service providers)

Sending notifications to service providers participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace it tricky. We need to strike a fine balance between usefulness and annoyance.

How To Add Ratings & Reviews to Service Provider Profiles

Clients ALWAYS gravitate to service provider profiles that feature ratings & reviews. There are two ways to get these into profiles.

Why Are Service Provider Account Profiles For Agencies, Consultancies and Systems Integrators Fronted By A Single Team Member?

We get this question a lot. It's all about the quality of people.

What is the Partner Exchange and what are Partner Benches? (for service providers)

We are developing the Partner Exchange for B2B cloud softwate vendors to participate in, and capture upside from, the MeasureMatch marketplace, too.

Adding Client Logos To Service Provider Profiles

Send the right signals to prospective clients by showing off some of the brands you've worked with!

How are MeasureMatch Experts vetted?

A MeasureMatch Expert is vetted at four points.

What Are Service Packages?

And how do they work?

How are project proposals and contracts structured?

Proposals and contracts can be structured in a number of ways, but the common frameworks are:1. Fixed Fee for a fixed timeframe + fixed deliverables

Why are Expert account profiles for consultancies, agencies, and SIs non-branded?

Expert account profiles for consultancies, agencies, and SIs non-branded, just like Expert account profiles for solopreneurs, are non-branded because we're trying to maintain a level playing field for all participants.

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