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How the MeasureMatch marketplace works in 3 simple steps
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Apply as a service provider

All direct applicants go through a 3-step screening process which often, but not always, includes an interview call.
Step 2

Build an amazing profile

Crafting a robust profile takes a little time. We can help.
Step 3

Win contracts, get towork and do it again!

Following discovery, scoping & pricing discussions, simply select a partner, lock in a contract and... get to work!
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Penelope Bellegarde

The world of high value consulting is changing and we need platforms like MeasureMatch to support and accelerate the change!

— Penelope Bellegarde, Founder of the data touch consultancy

Heaps of benefits across the board


High Value & Ready

Only clients with immediate services requirements & verified budgets are onboarded
Mid-market to large enterprises
Budgets from $3,000 to $100,000
40-50% of client account applications are regularly declined - so you don't waste your time

What's Inside

Services requirements vetted before release
Fast decision-making
Contract management, payment processing & more
Agencies & Consultancies

Specialists & Amazing

Majority are verified technolgy vendor partners
From boutiques to mid-sized, you're in good competitive company
Unparalleled, exceptional and deep systems & data skills
Phenomenal quality every day

What's Inside

Elegant, information-rich profiles
Tools to feature past clients, plus their ratings & reviews
Full, transparency for software vendors participating via the Partner Exchange
Independent Consultants

The Best Of The Best

Fully committed to independent professional services
All screened & vetted for the best possible quality
No FTEs looking for evening & weekend work
Team augmentation was never so easy

What's Inside

Increasingly valuable revenue opportunities
Business leaders ready to create value fast
Phenomenal customer service from MM
Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro

"MeasureMatch helped me find a solution for an urgent analytics project. I was matched with a highly skilled consultant, and I have since returned for three additional projects."

— chief marketing officer, reBuy reCommerce GmbH
"I've worked on several 5 star projects and have sincerely enjoyed the stewardship of the Measurematch team and the relationships established with clients"
Owner/Principal in Information Technology and Services
5 orange stars
Verified Review
"MeasureMatch is the perfect place to extend your client base."
Timo, Data Consultant & Engineer
5 orange stars
Verified Review

Why MeasureMatch?

New revenue

"Unexpected" is a word we regularly hear from our service provider partners. The revenue opportunities locked into valuable contracts are often from organizations and regions not reached or targeted by them.

Brand safe

The MeasureMatch platform is designed to treat each customer with the utmost of care. Clients can choose to be discreet and service provider identities are only disclosed when clients choose to open discovery conversations.


Service providers can leverage the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange & Partner Marketplaces to feature valued SaaS & enterprise software vendor relationships. Clients need good partners. And service providers do, too.

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Unbelievable agility is achievable.

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