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Venture-backed and established brands, retailers, plus amazing agencies & consultancies, trust MeasureMatch for exceptional services to get important systems & data work done!

"MeasureMatch helped me to find the right analytics expertise to address some really important data collection and reporting challenges."

Stephanie Bales, Head of E-Commerce

"MeasureMatch is the perfect forum for matching our specialized data-driven design and continual improvement services with the folks who need them most. "

Jedidiah Fugle, COO

"I am absolutely blown away by how intuitive, helpful, and easy-to-navigate your platform is. I’m very impressed."

Rebecca Weiser, Director of Integrated Media & Analytics
Businesses likes these trust and benefit from exceptional service providers in our network.
MeasureMatch: Finding & booking independent consultants or consultancies for marketing systems & analytics work has never been easy

Why MeasureMatch?

Grow your business with MeasureMatch

Augment Your Sales Pipeline

We're building the platform to attract revenue opportunities, all screened and vetted, so service providers can pitch, win and demonstrate their skills and value.

Your brand is protected

Your Brand & Business Are Protected

MeasureMatch discloses the identities of clients and service providers only at the point when a match is made - after clients determine discovery conversations are warranted.

Get technology vendor verified

Get Technology Vendor Verifications

That's right. Technology Vendors also participate in the MeasureMatch marketplace to support and invest in their channel partners. This layer of trust helps all sides to confidently transact.

Penelope Bellegarde

The world of high value consulting is changing and we need platforms like MeasureMatch to support and accelerate the change!

— Penelope Bellegarde, Founder of the data touch consultancy

How MeasureMatch works for consultancies, agencies, SIs and solopreneur consultants.

Creating an account is fast & free. And then it's 3 easy steps:

Submit a project brief to MeasureMatch

1. Apply for an Expert account or get invited by a technology vendor

All direct applicants go through a 3-step screening process which includes a call via Zoom.

Applications from consultants, consultancies, agencies & SIs invited by technology vendors are automatically approved.

Get matched with our vetted pool of Experts

2. Build a profile, add Service Packages and pursue projects

There is no bidding process here. Discovery, scoping, pricing and proposal submissions are important and required elements of the process.

*All projects that are submitted to MeasureMatch go through a screening process too, so you should only see high quality revenue opportunities.

MeasureMatch takes a 15% cut of the total value of the services provided

3. Win contracts, get to work and do it again!

MeasureMatch applies a fee of 15% to your contract (meaning you'll retain 85% of the total agreed contract value).

Around 30% of service providers' initial contracts are extended, and retainers for 3+ months are increasingly common.

Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro
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"MeasureMatch helped me to find the right Google Analytics, Google Tag ManagerShopify expertise to address some really important data collection and reporting challenges."


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