About us

We're building a professional services marketplace platform to enable every organization globally to execute with unbelievable agility.

Here's the MeasureMatch team. We're based in London and operating globally.

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James Sandoval

Founder & CEO

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Tom Ray

Co-Founder & Head of Platform

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Emma Marlow


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Antonio Lima

Full Stack Developer

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Mai Hussein

Digital Content Marketer

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Maggie Finch


Entrepreneur & Advisor

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James Dutton


Regional Managing Director, Asia Pacific at Mpire

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Jim Sterne


Founder, eMetrics Summit & Co-Founder Digital Analytics Association

Our Investors

We're thrilled to have industry leaders in Google, Oracle, WPP, Omnicom Media Group, Dentsu Aegis Network and more in our roster of private investors. Here are a few of them.

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Paul Frampton

CEO for EMEA for hi Inc. Former Group CEO, Havas Media.

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Craig Fenton

Director Strategy & Operations, Google UKI

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Ghassan Taleb

Director, Key Accounts at FIS

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Shubu Mitra

Founding Investor & Advisor

Founder & CEO, Agile Measurement. Former Director, Connection Planning Effectiveness & Productivity at The Coca-Cola Company

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Matt O’Neill

Founding Investor & Advisor

European GM for The Media Trust

MeasureMatch is the Human Cloud Platform & Enterprise Ecosystem for brands and agencies to get important systems and data work done faster. Our end-to-end platform provides business leaders globally with direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, liquid and verified workforce of independent business applications engineers and related data management and data science professionals.

We founded the company to address a number of acute problems all too commonly experienced by companies trying to advance their digital marketing, measurement, insight and customer experience capabilities. These problems include:

Technology vendors: SaaS or otherwise, they provide powerfully valuable products, but most vendors don't have, nor do they want to have, the headcount to provide services to the companies that buy or subscribe to their software. Let's be honest, when software vendors do have the consultants to provide services, their primary goals are, to sign more contracts and generate incremental revenue.

MeasureMatch Experts provide awesome services. That's all.

Supply & Demand: Independent data, analytics & technology service providers, while in considerable demand, are, silly as it may seem, very hard to find when they’re needed. This is partly due to a shortage of supply, but the real reason is disorganization on both sides.

Taking a page from Google, MeasureMatch is effectively organizing the world's independent data, analytics & technology Experts to make them more accessible and useful for every ambitious business.

Verification: There is little to no independent data for companies to verify the quality of contingent workers or consultancies in advance of buying their services.

MeasureMatch's screening processes and ratings help here, too.

Feast or Famine: Independent consultants and consultancies are hungry for work and growth, but they all-too-commonly don’t dedicate time or resources to sales and marketing, so they regularly experience feast-or-famine revenue cycles.

MeasureMatch is committed to attracting and retaining the best and most valuable companies, and their projects, for our global network of Experts to pursue and enjoy.

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