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Our journey so far...


The idea & seed financing

Following 10 intense years working in digital marketing agencies in Seattle and London, plus another 6 years building marketing technology and analytics ventures, MeasureMatch's Founder & CEO, James Sandoval, realized there must be a better way for business leaders to advance the use of B2B cloud software, and to create more value from the mountains of data these systems collect.

A couple of industry friends also thought it was a good idea and they offered to give James a tranche of funding to start building. And so it began.


Platform development starts

Together with a software development agency partner, we started to build a Minimum Viable Product. The initial focus was to solve for marketing technology and related analytics business requirements, but we had our eyes squarely set on much bigger opportunities.


First marketplace contracts

It took a while to get things rolling, but we started to see clients sign up in earnest from early 2019. They were seamlessly submitting their service requirements, opening discovery conversations with service providers and locking in contracts.

Our first client was a Head of Ecommerce in a fast-growing EdTech scaleup. She was amazing. Not only was her MeasureMatch marketplace experience excellent, she was so excited about what we were building that she invited us for a face-to-face session for product feedback and ideas for improvement.


The Partner Exchange emerges

From the very beginning we knew that software vendors had a role to play, and value to add, in our professional services marketplace, because every single contract required software to be deployed, configured in some new or advanced way, migrated, integrated or something else. So, we introduced a set of tools called the Partner Exchange (formerly called Partner Hubs), which helps SaaS and enterprise software organizations to maximize growth and customer success together with service provider partners.


First $100k projects & contracts

Numbers like these tell us that we can be a trusted partner to help clients get important and game-changing cloud software and data work done.


MeasureMatch Enterprise & AI Integrations

2023 is an incredibly important year. We're building and optimizing for operational scalability, we now have OpenAI's ChatGPT service integrated in the marketplace and we're rapidly optimizing for very exciting growth.

Our Core Values

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We are nothing without people building and using the MeasureMatch marketplace. They are clients advancing business capabilities, service providers sourcing revenue opportunities, and software vendor partnerships leaders deepening ecosystem relationships and accelerating their sales motions.

Every person helps us to be and to do better. In turn, we're building the marketplace to be of outsized value to each and every customer we serve.

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We believe old ideas can become new ones in different contexts, and new ideas can come from anywhere, at any time and from anyone.

Ideas just need exposure, oxygen and engagement. We are big on ideas and encourage all team members, customers, partners and investors to share them - raw, refined, good, bad or ugly.

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We take very seriously the responsibility to create value for three groups of customers. We strive to be purposeful, considerate and precise as we execute for excellence.

We also require and demand the same from each of our customers, and so we're committed to building a platform that maximizes excellence in and from each customer's experience.

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We fully believe in the value of service to others. We will always lean toward generously serving our customers so they can achieve and exceed their business goals, their partnerships needs, their revenue targets and more.

The old adage "Your success is our success", for us, is deeply meaningful and, foundationally, the product of amazing service, which we aspire to achieve every day.

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We are lucky to have three groups of customers in our marketplace platform, which provides us with unique insights into what works and what doesn't.

These insights will always drive us toward greater accountability - in our business decisions, for our investors, and in the service of each of our customers.

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No Borders

Our team has worked together across borders and time zones from day one. Amazingly, we've found that business leaders are happily booking service providers across borders, too, and, in some cases, spanning several time zones.

Culturally, geographically, philosophically, we operate and create economic opportunity without borders.

Meet The Team

We love working together to serve our amazing customers.
Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

James Sandoval

Founder & CEO

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Antonio Lima

Lead Developer

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Tiago Gil

Full Stack Developer


Meet Some Of Our Investors

We're thrilled to have industry leaders from Accenture, Amazon, Dentsu, IPG and WPP in our roster of angel investors.
Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Stephan Pretorius

Global CTO WPP & formerly CTO/CEO, Wunderman & Co-Founder, Acceleration

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Shubu Mitra

Founding Investor & Advisor

Founder, MeasureCaps & formerly The Coca Cola Company and McKinsey & Company

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Paul Frampton

President, International, CvE & formerly Group CEO, Havas Media Group

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Mike Kichline

Accenture & former Founder & CEO Projectline Services & Yesler + formerly Microsoft and aQuantive

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Matt O’Neill

Founding Investor & Advisor

European GM for The Media Trust

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Matt Greitzer

Co-Founder, Actable & formerly Co-CEO Amnet US, Dentsu Aegis Network, Accordant Media and aQuantive

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Kirby Winfield

Founding GP at Ascend.vc

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

Khan Smith

VP, TransUnion & formerly Annalect, Microsoft and aQuantive

Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

14 Investors


Profile picture of MeasureMatch Team

James Dutton

Regional Director, Digital, UM Worldwide

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