Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with our answers.

What is MeasureMatch?

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MeasureMatch is a two-sided professional services marketplace platform that is designed to make it easier for companies to find and hire high-quality Experts (i.e. consultants and consultancies) who are especially skilled in the areas of data, analytics and technology to solve for marketing and customer experience (CX) business challenges and opportunities. Many of these Experts are independent practitioners, but many are also work in independent consultancies or other types of professional services organizations.

We carefully screen out FTEs looking for extra work on the side. MeasureMatch is not for "moonlighters".

Which services are available via MeasureMatch?

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Broadly, the services available from MeasureMatch Experts fall into three core areas of value: Data, Analytics & Technology, but with a purposeful orientation around addressing and advancing marketing and CX business opportunities.

You could further segment these services down to advisory and execution services. 

We're heavily focused on maintaining a global network of Experts with the skills and experience to execute, to do the work that needs to get done. Their services include systems implementations, configurations, integrations and troubleshooting. 

Using Marketing Technology as an example, because we are marketing and CX focused, Buyers might choose to use MeasureMatch to find an Expert who can support or lead the deployment of a system like Decibel Insight for customer experience analytics or Adobe’s Dynamic Tag Management system for enterprise-wide, multi-channel data collection or Marketo for marketing automation. 

You can imagine how many other marketing technology-related services might be sought after by any number of companies around the globe. The same goes for data and analytics services.

Essentially, it is up to MeasureMatch Buyers (i.e. the companies in need of professional services) to let us or MeasureMatch Experts know what they need and to lock that into a service contract via our platform.

What is the MeasureMatch backstory?

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Depending on how you #measure it, MeasureMatch is the product James Sandoval's ~10 year digital marketing services career and nearly 10 years of entrepreneurial adventures focused on marketing technology sales and data services. MeasureMatch really is the product of what he likes to call "entrepreneurial experiments" between November 2014 and March 2016 when, amongst other things, he attempted to roll up several analytics consultancies across Europe. The roll up didn't happen, but the experience was enlightening, inspiring and, importantly, it helped to shape what is now MeasureMatch.

Who are MeasureMatch Experts?

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These are ~1,000 independent consultants and consultancies across 30+ countries (as of February 2018) providing their data, analytics & technology services via MeasureMatch.

Who are MeasureMatch Buyers?

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Buyers are marketing, analytics, commerce, product, HR, agency and related business leaders who need to get important project work done fast.

What is MeasureMatch trying to achieve?

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Nearly all of the people involved in the development of the MeasureMatch service have been independent consultants at some time. We know what it's like to hunt for work, do the work, try to hunt for more work at the same time and, invariably, scrape through income-free periods of time. We know how hard it is to be organized, to remain motivated, to chase for the payment of invoices. It's a lot like the loneliness of the long distance runner. Our aim is for MeasureMatch to help independent consultants and consultancies to run their #measure, #analytics, #martech and #mrx marathons, in very comfortable shoes, supported by an exceptional team here at MeasurMatch HQ and to cross the finish line with a better result, every single time.

Who should sign up?

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MeasureMatch is for independent consultants and consultancies with outstanding data, analytics & technology skills that can measurably help to advance marketing & the customer experience. And, of course, it is for marketing, analytics, commerce, HR and other business leaders who are prepared to get project work done in an unbelievably agile way. On-demand.

Why should Experts sign up?

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Experts should sign up because it's a no-brainer really. It's free (ok, it'll cost 10 minutes of time), it's potentially a great way to create valuable visibility (to be found by Buyers looking to get project work done), and signing up is required to see and express interest in Projects posted to the platform. Oh, and Experts can create an unlimited number of Service Packages (more on what those are in another part of the FAQ).

Why should Buyers sign up?

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Buyers (i.e. companies hiring independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch) should sign up because it's a better way to directly access and benefit from data, analytics & technology professional services. It's easy, fully transparent and fast. And the Experts who respond to projects will be relevant, professional, not time-wasters.

What is MeasureMatch’s relationship with Buyers & Experts?

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MeasureMatch is the provider of a marketplace and the infrastructure to enable Buyers and Experts to conduct a dialogue about prospective project engagements and to enter into direct service contracts. MeasureMatch is not a party to any contract entered into between Buyers and Experts. The relationship between Buyers and Experts with MeasureMatch is governed by the MeasureMatch Terms of Service (there's a link at the bottom of this page).

Why should consultancies or agencies sign up to sell their services?

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Well, why wouldn't they? MeasureMatch, for these organisations, is simply a gateway to potential valuable revenue opportunities at a favourable cost basis (i.e. the MeasureMatch fee typically more than covers sales and marketing expenses).

Does MeasureMatch vet new members?

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Yes, MeasureMatch evaluates each new Expert registration to ensure Buyers are presented with the best possible choice of consultants and consultancy organisations for services. We also conduct identity verification and related KYC checks.

How much does it cost to be a MeasureMatch Expert?

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As of February 2018, it still doesn't cost a penny to register and create a MeasureMatch Expert profile. And it doesn't cost anything, except some time, to enter into a conversation with a MeasureMatch Buyer about a project. 

That said, Experts will incur a 15% fee against each MeasureMatch work contract. For example, a $10,000 contract will yield $8,500 for the Expert and $1,500 for MeasureMatch. 

Note: MeasureMatch is based in the UK, so contract values are subject to VAT in accordance with UK/EEA laws.

How quickly do MeasureMatch Experts get paid?

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MeasureMatch collects project fees from Buyers at the end of each calendar month and/or at the end of each contract, and we commit to processing payment to Experts within 3 business days following receipt of funds from Buyers.

Who are the founders of MeasureMatch?

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James Sandoval founded MeasureMatch in April 2016. Tom Ray joined as Co-Founder and Head of Platform in November 2017. Matt O’Neill and Shubu Mitra are both founding partners and investors.