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Example Pricing & Client Stories

Take a look at some examples of how brands & agencies are using MeasureMatch to parachute in data & tech pros.

Product & Marketing Communications Analytics

Read about how OptioPay parachuted in a MeasureMatch Expert from Barcelona to learn more about product performance

USD $4k
4 days
Read the case study

Google Analytics & GTM Implementation Audit

Read about how Kano quickly parachuted in a MeasureMatch digital analytics pro for a time-sensitive set of data collection challenges

USD $3k
5 days
Read the case study

Adobe Analytics Analyst Support

Read about how Havas Media's DBi team benefited from the MeasureMatch service to solve their tech & data resource needs

GBP £480/day
5 months
Read the case study

Two Engagement Types
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1. Time & Materials

Book an Expert on a daily or hourly rate for a specific timeframe and a specific set of deliverables.

2. Fixed Fee

Declare a specific need and book an Expert for a fixed price engagement.

*MeasureMatch's fee is 15% of each contract's budget.

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An example of a proposal sent from a MeasureMatch Expert
Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro

"The globalisation of both talent and technology is now freeing up companies so they can experiment in new ways to fill critical skills gaps while staying lean."

— Richard Jerrett, Senior Global Innovation Manager, Unilever

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