February 20, 2023
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MeasureMatch Platform Fees For Service Providers

While it's free to register for a Client, Service Provider or Partner Exchange account, MeasureMatch centrally makes money by collecting platform fees from each successful services contract completed through the marketplace.

The buyer/seller services marketplace platform operates a two-sided fee model, similar to Airbnb's.

This means MeasureMatch captures fees from both buyers and sellers of services.

The Partner Exchange comes with its own subscription fees, which you can see separately here.

A sliding scale for Service Providers that rewards earnings growth and loyalty

Each services contract has a line item for the platform fee, which is based on total gross earnings on a rolling 12-months basis.

This means that the more each service provider earns through the marketplace (over the past 12 months), the lower the platform fee.

The fee tiers breakdown is below:

The Net Fee Ranges in the table above are simple examples.

The actual fee levels will vary, and will likely be less, depending on how budgets are allocated.

For example, an initial project budget of $25,000 will immediately net a 12.5% fee level.

And, if the next contract comes in at, say, $32,000 (for a total of $57,000 in gross earnings), the platform fee level for that specific [second] contract will be 10%.

Below is real world example. You'll see that this includes both service provider and client platform fee values.

In this case, the client and service provider were US-based and their spending/earnings reached just north of $100k, hence the pricing level.

Learn more about Client platform fees here.

Please note: MeasureMatch is headquartered in the United Kingdom. UK-based customers may be subject to VAT.


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