February 20, 2023
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What is the Partner Exchange and what are Partner Benches? (for service providers)

We are developing Partner Marketplaces for SaaS & enterprise software vendors to participate in, and benefit from, the MeasureMatch marketplace, too.

Partner Marketplaces are the core product of Partner Exchange accounts.

Here's how we're positioning the Partner Exchange element of the MeasureMatch marketplace.

And here's a two-pager that we share with SaaS & enterprise software vendors, so you can see a little more about how we're telling our Partner Exchange account & Partner Marketplaces stories.

How It Works

Service Provider account holders have access to a kind of "app store" featuring the technology vendors participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace via their own Partner Marketplaces.

Here's what the Partner Marketplaces element of a Service Provider accounts looks like today (January 2021).

Three Routes Into Partner Marketplaces & Value

  1. Software vendors invite their best service provider partners to participate in the MeasureMatch marketplace as verified partners
  2. Service providers submit their details to express interest in becoming a new channel partner for services, sales or both
  3. Service providers that have existing relationships, including formal partnerships, with software vendors participating with their own Partner Marketplaces, submit their details to get "vendor verified"

Submitting An Expression Of Interest (i.e. submitting your details)

Simpy click on the logo of interest to see a short description of the company.

Then click on the "Apply" button to submit your details. Some Partner Marketplace owners ask several questions, some only ask one.

Some technology vendors require a formal certification or partner training, which they will organize with you directly before bringing you/your firm into their Partner Marketplace (as a verified partner).


Adding verified relationships or partnerships with technology vendors through their Partner Marketplaces helps to make MeasureMatch profiles more robust.

Check out Jerelle's profile below. Shortly after he signed up, he added verified relationships with Panoply, Domo and Tealium.

Each of the logos in Jerelle's profile signal out to prospective customers that he not only claims to have these skills (which he's also done via the Skills section of his profile), but he's gone the extra mile to demonstrate his skills and software vendor relationships.

Here's a look at some of the software vendors participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace via Partner Marketplaces today.

Note: Those Partner Marketplaces tagged with the MeasureMatch logo are "MeasureMatch Managed". This means it was set up and it is managed by the MeasureMatch team, not the software vendor directly. All other Partner Marketplaces are under the management of the the featured software vendor through its own Partner Exchange account.


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