February 20, 2023
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What Are Service Packages?

This article will describe what Service Packages are and how they're useful in the context of each MeasureMatch marketplace customer and account type.

  1. Service Provider
  2. Client
  3. Partner Exchange

Service Provider

The service providers participating in the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace are cream of the crop consultants, consultancies, agencies & systems integrators.

They can augment, extend and personalize their profiles - and better reach prospective clients - with a product we call Service Packages.

As the name suggests, a Service Package is the packaging up of a service for prospective clients to view and book into contracts.

Below is an example:

A summary view of each Service Package is featured in a Service Provider's profile, so prospective/existing clients can see now only skills, experience, ratings and reviews, but specific services on offer.


Client account holders can see Service Packages and engage service providers in a number of ways.

In addition to seeing Service Packages in service providers' profiles, clients can also scroll through a library of service packages grouped by type.

Service packages are currently designed to provide just enough inspiration to entice a client to submit an Expression Of Interest (EOI), which sends a message to the Service Package owner to kickstart a discovery conversation.

The steps that follow the submission of a Service Package EOI are:
- Discovery
- Scoping
- Pricing
- Proposal
- Contract

Note: Service Packages will soon become directly bookable, including payment processing, ratings, reviews and more.

Partner Exchange

The Partner Exchange (beta) is currently designed for SaaS and enterprise software vendors to do these things:

1. Acquire service provider partners

2. Showcase verified partners to MeasureMatch customers

3. Buy services

4. Provide services through partners

5. Grow sales directly

6. Grow sales through partners

Because Partner Exchange (PX) accounts were built in Client account foundations, PX customers can submit project briefs and book services contracts, too.

This means that PX customers can also view service provider profiles, including their service packages.

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