February 20, 2023
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What Happens When Project Briefs Are Released Silently? (for clients)

Sending notifications to service providers participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace it tricky. We need to strike a fine balance between usefulness and annoyance.

Thankfully, because of our high end B2B focus, the volume of new Client accounts and their project briefs is consistently at a level that keeps our email notifications relatively low.

Releasing Project Briefs Silently

In our admin console, where a lot of the magic happens, we have three options for project briefs, after they've been reviewed, edited and we've been given a bright green light from clients:

- Approve

- Silent Approve

- Archive (followed by eventual deletion - yeah, ouch!)

Silently released briefs are published for any/all service providers to view and these briefs are availble for them to pursue as well. The only difference is that service providers don't receive email notifications.

Why Are Some Briefs Released Silently?

A few reasons, including:

- Clients want to hand pick pros by searching profiles (we advise against this)

- The brief is a little left field for us and our network, but it is very possibly valuable for some service providers

- The brief needs careful handling, so we send custom notifications


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