March 13, 2023
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Using The ChatGPT Integration When Submitting Your Business Requirements

***Version 2 released 29 March 2023: This is a new integration (now running on GPT-4). It will be tweaked frequently to optimize its performance. Need help? Start a chat at the bottom right of your screen. We hope you enjoy the experience.***

You now have two choices when it comes to submitting your business requirements.

  1. Write it all yourself
  2. Use our ChatGPT integration

Here's how to use OpenAI's GPT-4

  1. Click the "Use ChatGPT" button to open a field into which you'll write a little about your requirements.
  2. This is your prompt.
  3. Click the "Generate" button to transform your prompt into language that describes your requirements in a way that might be a little easier on the eye for the MeasureMatch team to read and, more importantly, for the service providers you want to reach.
  4. Edit the output, shaping the content as necessary (you'll need to do a little editing)
  5. Submit for review by the MeasureMatch team

Want some ideas? Great!

Below are three prompts you can copy & paste to see how it works.

Prompt 1

My team and I need an amazing consultant or consultancy to help us build a number of data pipelines and Power BI dashboards. Our data stack is Snowflake, dbt, Snowplow, and our reporting requires pulling in data from several ad platforms e.g. Google, Meta, TikTok.

Prompt 2

We need a consultant or consultancy to implement email marketing automation for a number of campaigns using Pardot and we need the data synchronized Miscrosoft Dynamics CRM.

Services required include:

- email automation set-up (for multiple campaigns)

- creation of customer segments within Pardot

- reporting on email marketing performance

- recommendations on email marketing automation

Prompt 3

We have a website, we have a purchase funnel, we have Google Analytics (v4), what we don't have is a nice way of tying all these things together. I've become aware of Looker Studio and could easily put something together but looking to leverage the expertise of someone who's been there and done it before - often.


1. Advice on how to configure Google Analytics in the website to ensure we're capturing all relevant events (eg: sales funnel events)

2. I need a report, fully branded with our company logo, which shows key ecommerce metrics and individual product performance. We have some custom metrics which can be included, but looking to lean into your expertise to provide something succinct and useful for the management team. Needs to look slick! I'd prefer Looker Studio but open to options (Power BI, etc).

P.S. Does anybody really need a generative AI solution to write a business requirements? Probably not, but we've found it useful to refine what clients are submitting (usually thin, unstructured and riddled with typos), so we decided to integrate OpenAI's technology for clients to use directly. This is also a useful sandbox for us as we work on integrating AI in other parts of the MeasureMatch marketplace.


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