February 20, 2023
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How is MeasureMatch different from other services marketplaces?

Here are a few differences:

- MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace, not a freelance marketplace.

- All service provider applicants are screened, vetted and only a small percentage are onboarded.

- Service providers are either interviewd by us or invited by SaaS and enterprise software vendors participating via Partner Hubs. Ultimately, all service providers are screened to maintain an invitation-only status.

- Our global network of service providers is comprised of independent consultants, consultancies, agencies and systems integrators with specialist software systems implementation, configuration, integration, troubleshooting and related skills. They also have the chops to create heaps of value from the data that these systems collect.

- Service providers in our network are not full-time employees looking for side project work in spare evening or weekend time. We screen them out in the application/onboarding process.

- We're focused on helping clients to advance marketing, commerce, customer experience and related analytics capabilities, specifically by providing access to exceptional professionals with software systems, data management, data engineering and data science skills to get important work done fast.

- Technology vendors are increasingly playing a role in the MeasureMatch marketplace to help us lift the quality of our service provider network, but also to bring in clients and to actively deploy service partners to accelerate time-to-value in their customers' businesses.

- Technographic Match, which our personalization initiative, helps clients to see and select service providers with skills that are directly aligned to the actual systems deployed in the client's organization.


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