February 20, 2023
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Why Should Agencies, Consultancies, Systems Integrators and Solo Consultants Sign Up To MeasureMatch?

We often start by asking, "Why not?".

It's free to sign up.

It will take you 10 minutes to create a basic profile (yep, free as well).

It's easy to feature and sell specific services through Service Packages (also free to add).

You'll be in good company, if you get in - we screen out almost 80% of Service Provider account applications. The remaining 20% are truly excellent in their fields, which include agencies and consultancies invited to participate via Partner Marketplace owners.

Nearly 50% of Client account applications are also screened out. That's right. Some may offer perfectly fine revenue opportunities, but we're extremely risk averse. We'll always do our best to serve business leaders and organizations we can trust i.e. that pass our identity and relevance verification process.

It's safe. We recognize the importance of brand protection, especially for agencies, consultancies and systems integrators, which is why MeasureMatch profiles for these organizations look a lot like the profiles created by solopreneur consultants i.e. no logos and fronted by a single person (acting as a brand/services representative).

Here's an example of a solo consultant's profile:

And here's an example of a consultancy's profile:

Note: A formal handshake, which includes an unveiling of identities between a client (buyer of services) and a service provider, happens at the point when a client accepts a service provider's Expression Of Interest (EOI) in a services opportunity. This acceptance of an EOI opens a discovery, scoping, pricing conversation between buyer and seller, which is then followed by proposal submissions and the confirmation of a contract.

Average contract value in 2020 was nearly $10,000 and we're expecting to see this grow by 2x or 3x in 2021.

Technology vendors are participating to help service providers lift their profile credibility and to further promote their systems & data skills.

Invoicing and payment processing is all done by MeasureMatch.

And there's more coming.

Not signed up to provide services yet, apply for a Service Provider account here.


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