March 13, 2023
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Which Payment Terms Are Supported By The MeasureMatch Marketplace?

The MeasureMatch marketplace currently supports a single payment period: Net 10.

This means that clients need to pay all invoices within 10 days from receipt.

MeasureMatch, in turn, processes payments to service providers within 7 days; usually within 3.

The following payment terms will be supported soon (April 2023 or sooner):

  • Net 30
  • Net 60
  • Net 90
  • At the end of the next month

MeasureMatch Enterprise client organizations that can only work to Net 30 or longer payment terms will have two payment options:

  1. Work with a service provider that can support the same payment terms, and pay accordingly
  2. Choose to use MeasureMatch's Buy Now, Pay Later facility (at a nominal fee), so service provider partners can get paid more quickly

The second option above is especially useful in those cases when a large organization wants to/needs to work with a small consultancy, or an independent, that can't support long payment terms.


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