February 20, 2023
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Who are MeasureMatch's customers?

We serve three customer constituents and we're oriented around solving for SaaS and enterprise software implementation, advanced configuration, integration and related data management, data engineering and analytics professional services.

That said, our customers are...

Service Providers

Independent consultants, consultancies, agencies and systems integrators are the service providers participating on the supply side of the MeasureMatch marketplace platform and ecosystem.

All service providers apply for Service Provider accounts. The application process includes the submission of profile details. The most relevant applicants are invited for an interview before they are onboarded. Between 10% and 20% of all applicants are invited for an interview.

Only those service providers with demonstrable skills and experience across any number of marketing, commerce, customer experience and related analytics systems, including data management, data engineering and data science, are onboarded.

Service providers can apply here.


Clients are commonly in business leadership roles executing marketing, commerce, customer experience, product and/or analytics initiatives. They step into the MeasureMatch marketplace to find extra pairs of hands to get important systems & data work done fast or faster.

Whether it's booking a pro to build a marketing performance dashboard using Power BI or Google Data Studio, or it's a consultant to help deploy new Hubspot functionality, or it's some other systems or data project, clients are getting that work done fast via the MeasureMatch service.

Around half of MeasureMatch Client account owners are fast-growing and mid-market companies (many are venture capital-backed scaleups, direct-to-consumer brands, etc), and the other half is made up of agencies and consultancies in need of specialist bandwidth to augment teams to service clients.  

Clients can apply here.

SaaS & Enterprise Software Vendors

Through the development of Partner Exchange accounts and Partner Marketplaces, technology vendors from across the marketing technology ecosystem, and further afield into enterprise technology organizations, are now participating in the MeasureMatch marketplace platform.

Technology vendors are using the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace platform to scale serice partner relationships, including verificatons of skills, capabilities, certifications and more across our supply side network.

Technology vendors can apply here.

Each of the above are welcomed to contribute to the advancement of our professional services marketplace.

MeasureMatch is the platformization and personalization of professional services.


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