May 10, 2023
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MeasureMatch's Partnership with Trustshare: Enhanced Security and Financial Flexibility For all Customers


MeasureMatch has partnered with Trustshare, a leading UK-based financial infrastructure technology company to enhance the security, compliance, and financial flexibility of our professional services marketplace.

Here's why this development is so important:

Identity Verification

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintain a trusted and secure marketplace, all MeasureMatch participants are now required to undergo a formal Identity Verification process. Although this may seem like a tedious task, it's a critical step in ensuring the safety and trustworthiness of all parties involved in our transactions.

Governance & Compliance

As MeasureMatch continues to grow and serve larger organizations, our partnership with Trustshare bolsters our governance and compliance credentials. This enhancement is necessary for maintaining the trust of our clients and upholding the integrity of our marketplace. We understand this might not be the most exciting news, but it's crucial for our sustained growth and your continued confidence in our platform.

Buy Now, Pay Later Credit Solutions (BNPL)

We're excited to introduce a new financial flexibility feature: Buy Now, Pay Later Credit Solutions. This option is now available to eligible clients in 12 countries, including the UK and US. Qualified clients will be instantly granted optional credit lines up to several million $/£/€, enabling them to engage services when needed, and pay for them later.

New Payment Terms

In addition to BNPL, we're offering new flexible payment terms. Eligible clients can choose between 30, 60, 90-day, or end-of-next-month payment terms. This means that service providers on shorter payment terms (10 or 30 days) can confidently work with clients on longer terms (60 or 90 days) and get paid when needed, ensuring smooth cash flow and transactional ease.

Escrow Services

Finally, we're providing escrow services to further enhance transaction security. Service providers can now have pre-payments held securely in escrow until the confirmed delivery of a milestone or at the end of a contract. This not only gives service providers peace of mind but also assures clients of the commitment to delivering agreed-upon services.


Our partnership with Trustshare is a significant step forward in providing you with a more secure, flexible, and trustworthy professional services marketplace. As always, we're committed to continuously improving your MeasureMatch experience and appreciate your ongoing support and trust.

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