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Got a partner directory? Great, a Partner Exchange account will give you the tools to convert it into a transactional Partner Marketplace.

And you can add new partners from our global network of consultancies, agencies, systems integrators & amazing solopreneur consultants.

And there's more. Lots more.

Reach New Customers

Our number one job is to match amazing service providers to business leaders who need help to advance their systems & data capabilities fast.

A Partner Exchange account will provide you with the tools to promote not just your service provider partners, but your own business/product, too.

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Delight Existing Customers

You'll be in great company.

More than 95% of MeasureMatch contracts have received full 5 star ratings.

Make certain your customers are presented with high quality, verified service provider partners as well.

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"Amplitude is excited to work with MeasureMatch to expand and enable a global community of experts helping businesses grow with data."

— tai Rattigan, Global BD & Partnerships Leader, amplitude

The MeasureMatch Partner Exchange
How It Works

The MeasureMatch Partner Exchange provides access to a powerful set of tools to turn partner directories into transactional, accountable partner marketplaces - at unlimited scale and with exceptional efficiency.


Apply For A Partner Exchange Account

All PX applicants are screened to maximize quality and relevance. We do this for you, your organization and all other platform participants.
When you're in, turn on your first Partner Marketplace with just a few clicks.
The platform will immediately help you to attract service providers from our network, some of which will likely be existing partners of yours!

Scale, Support, Invest In & Measure Partner Performance

Start by inviting your existing partners. We can help with the onboarding.
Add more by cherry-picking from MeasureMatch's global network of top consultants, consultancies, agencies & SIs.
Partner Marketplaces are visible to all clients and 1,000s of service providers in our global network.

Showcase Exceptional Partners

Vastly more productive, insightful and valuable than homegrown website directories.
Provides you and your customers/clients the ultimate in verified service provider choice - and directly bookable.
Benefit from unparalleled partner performance insight and market intelligence provided via a Partner Marketplace reporting dashboard and more.
FullStory Partner Hub
Simon Taylor, Tealium

“The partnership with MeasureMatch for Tealium is a great step in supporting our partners and customers by providing more ways to connect the two, and at the right level of experience. ”


Frequently asked questions

Take a look and get in touch if your questions aren't answered below.

Who can see Partner Marketplaces?

Partner Marketplaces are visible to all marketplace participants, but at different levels of access. Clients can see Partner Marketplaces when they feature a minimum of 3 verified/approved service providers. Expert account holders can see all Partner Marketplaces - and, of course, Expert account holders can submit expressions of interest to establish new relationships, or to verify existing ones.

How do we know if the MeasureMatch network of service providers is any good?

Good question. All MeasureMatch Expert account holders have been screened and/or interviewed by us (we do a lot of calls) or they have been invited by organizations participating in the marketplace via Partner Exchange accounts and Partner Marketplaces. The fact that we're seeing a 95%+ average star rating across all contracts suggests we're doing something right in the way we're onboarding service providers into the supply side of the MeasureMatch platform.

Can service providers apply to be featured via Partner Marketplaces?

Yes. This is core to the way Partner Marketplaces work. And this is what the platform is designed to encourage. And it's free.

Is there an opportunity for lead generation i.e. for MeasureMatch clients to get in touch with us directly?

Yes. Each Partner Marketplace comes with messaging functionality for clients to get in touch with Partner Marketplace owners directly. It's important to note that MeasureMatch is not in the business of monetizing product or software sales (only professional services). All commissions, referrals, affiliate fees or related are strictly between service providers and their partners.

Who are MeasureMatch clients?

MeasureMatch clients are commonly venture-backed startups/scaleups and enterprise organizations, plus marketing services agencies and consultancies in need of extra pairs of hands and teams (also bookable via the platform) to get important systems and data work done. Get in touch to request a copy of a client presentation.

What is the cost for organizations to participate via Partner Marketplaces?

It's still free, but we'll introduce a subscriptions pricing model in December 2020. There will always be a limited free level of access.

How is MeasureMatch's Partner Marketplace different from our own partner directory?

Good question. The differences are not insignificant. Partner directories are often no more than a relatively small collection of logos directing existing and prospective customers to service partners’ websites. In some cases, a number of fields need to be populated for lead generation/capture purposes. These kinds of directories are easy to set-up (initially), but they quickly become difficult and costly to maintain or they become graveyards (really often). The time and cost, as we’ve learned from large and small organizations, are rarely returned.

MeasureMatch’s Partner Marketplaces scalable, efficient and accountable environments to advance channel partner relationships and product sales - all in a closed-loop, high quality transactional marketplace platform. Oh, and when your customers turn to MeasureMatch for professional services, they also get amazing customer service from the MeasureMatch team!

Can our organization participate via Partner Marketplaces if we don’t have any existing service provider partners?

Absolutely! So long as you are pursuing a channel partner development strategy, the MeasureMatch platform comes packed with a global network of service providers that are eager to partner with amazing companies like yours. And a whole lot more.

Ian Tickle from DOMO

"Domo is proud to partner with MeasureMatch to open up a great talent pool of data professionals to our customers and partners. The demand for data skills to drive Digital Transformation has never been higher and we are excited to see the potential of our partnership."


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