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*AtlasGM is a transactional Gateway Marketplace platform that simplifies partner matching, purchasing processes, brings powerful accountability to spending and contract management, and maximizes customer and partner engagement.
Packed with Features & Capabilities

Robust and ready serve all stakeholders

Consulting and professional services partnerships will never be the same

Key Security
Unlock value instantly

Customers & partners can transact on day one.

Your brand, your domain

Make it yours.

High Speed Train
Serve internal stakeholders and customers beautifully

Provide solutions not promises.

Always safe & secure

No compromises allowed. Ever.

Enterprise-grade data governance

It's only and always your data.

Serve your entire ecosystem

Consultancies, SIs, MSPs, affiliates, resellers & distributors, ISVs +

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Serve Customers Beautifully

Meet customers where they want to transact, in a self-guided platform surrounded by you and your amazing partners.

Enable customers to procure services seamlessly

Customize pricing, payment schedules, and terms

Provide access to trusted, verified partners to deploy, configure and manage 3rd-party software and, of course, your own

Buy services
Service packages
Partner exchange
My team
Refer a frend
AI Assistant
Use our Ai Assistant to write your requirement faster

Engage Services Partners Differently

BYOP (Bring Your Own Partners) and add from our population.

Help partners to close larger deals faster

Partners also enjoy flexible pricing, payment schedules, and terms

Receive inbound pitches from prospective partners

Expand & Deepen ISV Relationships

The AtlasGM platform was originally a 3-sided open marketplace. This is the third side.

ISV partners get another opportunity to reach your customers  

ISV partners can buy services, too, adding demand for your services partners and more

ISVs can feature their own services partners, some of which will become yours!

Power BI

All business problems solved

These are things "amplitude" can sell to their customers. Whitelabel solution.

Advanced Configurations
Data Management
Data Engineering


Here are a few answers to questions about AtlasGM, the marketplace solution for B2B software organizations. Get in touch to learn more.

What is AtlasGM?

AtlasGM is the SaaS version of the MeasureMatch open marketplace, specifically tailored for B2B software companies to operate as their own to better measure, manage and monetize their ecosystem multiples.

What is an ecosystem or revenue multiple, and why is it important?

The math behind an ecosystem or revenue multiple goes like this: for every $1 that a customer spends on software, somewhere between $1 and $20 of services opportunity is created for partners and specialists to pursue and capture. This is an important reason why the AWS Marketplace added the ability to buy and sell professional services. Nearly every B2B software company produces a revenue multiple and the best way to manage and monetize it is through a transactional marketplace capability.

Is AtlasGM a white label solution? Can I customize it?

Yes, the AtlasGM platform offers branding and domain customization options, allowing you to create a tailored marketplace that aligns with your brand.

Is customer support available?

Absolutely! We provide dedicated customer support to assist you throughout your marketplace journey.

How can I get started?

To get started, write to atlasgm@measurematch.com and we'll get in touch to explore if launching and operating your own professional services marketplace is the right thing to do. If so, Atlas might be the solution.

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