How TrustedHousesitters Optimized Customer Engagement With Braze Through The MeasureMatch Marketplace


The task required an execution-centric consulting partner who could not only manage the technical aspects of the Segment and Braze integration but also provide strategic guidance to enhance the Segment setup, ensuring TrustedHousesitters could maximize the benefits of Braze.

The Customer

Based in Brighton, England, TrustedHousesitters is a global, pet-loving community on a mission to create a world where pets enjoy their pet parents' vacations, just as much as they do!

Founded in 2010, the TrustedHousesitters marketplace platform operates by connecting two distinct user groups: pet owners (pet parents) looking for pet sitting services and pet sitters offering their services. 

The platform operates in 130 countries, has facilitated 4 million nights of pet sitting, features more 5-star reviews than any other house and pet sitting business, and has saved its members more than $500 million in accommodation and pet care costs.

The Requirements

Following a successful Google Analytics 4 and Segment implementation through the Measurematch marketplace in 2022, Rob Green, the Head of Analytics & Insight at TrustedHousesitters, returned to MeasureMatch to solve an important customer engagement optimization challenge.

Rob and his team needed a partner to migrate to Braze, and they wanted to make the most of the integration with Segment.

The task required an execution-centric consulting partner who could not only manage the technical aspects of the Segment and Braze integration but also provide strategic guidance to enhance the Segment setup, ensuring TrustedHousesitters could maximize the benefits of Braze.

The Software: Braze and Segment (Twilio)

Braze is a customer engagement platform that provides businesses with tools to personalize and optimize their communications across various channels, such as email, mobile apps, social media, and the web. It helps companies build better customer relationships through targeted, data-driven messages and campaigns.

Segment, now a part of Twilio, is a customer data platform (CDP) that helps businesses collect, clean, and control their customer data. It allows companies to integrate and route data from multiple sources to various analytics, marketing, and data warehousing tools, enabling more personalized and informed customer interactions across different channels.

Rob at TrustedHousesitters said, “We knew that there was a huge potential upside for us in getting this integration right. Rather than relying on the standard onboarding that Braze would offer, we wanted someone to provide more expansive guidance on our CDP, CRM and our other analytics processes”. 

Paddy added, “Moving to Braze had so many benefits for the TrustedHousesitters team but it relied on a completely different data model than their previous tool. The goal really was to do the upfront technical work to refine the existing Segment event schema so that the CRM team could self-serve a lot more campaigns without reliance on engineering / analytics.”

The Services Partner Selected by TrustedHousesitters

Paddy Doran is a deeply experienced growth marketing, analytics and SaaS solutions consultant. He was only one day into his MeasureMatch marketplace experience when he saw the TrustedHousesitters opportunity and immediately submitted a pitch. 

MeasureMatch made the entire contracting process so easy, there was no back and forth on contracting terms or having to have subscriptions to different tools like DocuSign. Renewals and reviews were really straight forward as well,” added Paddy Doran.

The Process

Within 24 hours of submitting his Braze and Segment requirements on 12 April 2023, Rob received eleven high-quality pitches from boutique consultancies and independent consultants.

Not wanting to waste any time, discovery conversations were immediately started with three prospective service providers.

Within the next two weeks, Rob received two proposals, immediately converting Paddy’s into an initial 30-day contract, which ultimately culminated in an 8-month engagement decorated with 5-star ratings and glowing reviews.

The Result

"Paddy has been instrumental in working through a complex CRM project. He embedded himself in our team and worked through all the challenges methodically. The whole business has thoroughly enjoyed working with him and he has delivered some really impactful work. I would highly recommend Paddy for any analytics, CRM or data project", wrote Rob in his last review of the engagement with Paddy.


From James Sandoval, MeasureMatch’s Founder & CEO: "Knowing whom to trust with an incredibly important migration like this one is nerve-wracking at best. That’s why we’ve designed the MeasureMatch marketplace to present the best possible service partner choices, and to achieve outcomes like this. Business leaders like Rob at TrustedHousesitters need to feel safe and supported so they can get important work done fast. We love this challenge and we’re excited to solve for it every day."

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