How Save My Exams Built Its Modern Data Stack With RudderStack & MeasureMatch


Following a successful analytics engagement through the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace, David Gordon, Head of Growth at Save My Exams, returned to find another professional services partner for an ambitious customer data architecture and product analytics deployment project.

About Save My Exams

UK-based Save My Exams supports over 40,000 students and is an essential companion for anyone serious about achieving exam success.

The Requirements

Fundamentally, Save My Exams needed to leapfrog from its use of the Google Marketing Platform to a robust first party customer data platform that could provide a unified view of the customer experience, empower growth with data-driven decision making, and unlock machine-based personalization opportunities.

The brief that David submitted to the MeasureMatch marketplace included these high level requirements:

- Set up RudderStack CDP & ELT

- Define all of the events to capture via RudderStack

- Set up data warehouse (Snowflake

- Flow data from Rudderstack to data warehouse

- Deploy Amplitude for product analytics

The Process

RudderStack For Customer Data Infrastructure

We found RudderStack to be the only unified solution that could perform well with streaming data and measurement applications, while playing the role of instrumentation, integration and a data compliance platform," said David Gordon, Head of Growth at Save My Exams.

"RudderStack removes roadblocks with an incredible community in Slack, technical support and a wealth of integrations. Lastly, RudderStack is well integrated in the AWS Data Analytics stack together with Amplitude and Snowflake,” David added.

The MeasureMatch Marketplace For Professional Services

From strategy to execution, AWS to Zoho, it’s easy to submit business requirements, get matched and get to work with an exceptionally qualified service provider partners within days. 

MeasureMatch is unique among professional services marketplace platforms. It is the only marketplace that specifically serves business leaders like David who need high value, deeply capable and trusted professional services partners to get important enterprise software implementations and data engineering, data management and analytics projects done well, fast, and within a specific budget,” James Sandoval, Founder & CEO.

MeasureMatch is not only a space to be a catalyst to like-minded people building innovative projects but also a community where you feel supported and empowered,” said Fran Cardells, the independent consultant who worked with David and the Save My Exams team.

“MeasureMatch made it incredibly easy for us to quickly find highly skilled data specialists for our specific needs. We were blown away not only by the service we received from MeasureMatch but also by the quality of experts on their platform,” David added.

The Service Provider Selection Process

David received pitches from five boutique consultancies and one independent consultant within 24 hours after MeasureMatch released the project brief.

Not wanting to waste any time, David struck while the iron was hot and initiated discovery conversations with four prospective partners.

Within a week, three proposals were submitted and one was locked into a contract to kickstart Save My Exams’s journey to develop their modern data stack.  

David’s professional services partner for the journey was Fran, a MeasureMatch five-star rated consultant armed with strategic systems, analytics and AI capabilities, who was also a partner to Snowflake, Tableau and Amazon (AWS).

My discovery conversations with the Save My Exams team surfaced a smart, talented and people centric organization. David is a visionary leader and it was possible to challenge the status quo and co-create the art of the possible. David genuinely cares about the team and this was felt during the process, “ said Fran.

The Result

The team at Save My Exams were incredibly impressed with the results which have allowed them to become an even more customer centric & data driven company. Thanks to an exceptional MeasureMatch consultant and the powerful RudderStack platform, Save My Exams is now able to view and react to more than 60% new customer actions/insights not seen before.

Save My Exams is changing the game in academic success by turning content decisions into data-driven ones, empowering the team with a unified customer data platform. Working with such a diverse and talented team has been an amazing experience,” noted Fran Cardells.   

David added, “Fran did a fantastic job setting up our first data stack foundations, using RudderStack, Snowflake, and Amplitude, from scratch. He's not only incredibly knowledgeable but also an absolute pleasure to work with.”

It’s been a complete pleasure to see these great and ambitious minds come together to create deep and broad value together through the MeasureMatch marketplace. Today’s “modern data stack” is a best-of-breed and enormously valuable interplay between SaaS and enterprise software solutions like the ones deployed by Fran, David and the Save My Exams team. We look forward to supporting them and many others like them over and over again,” James Sandoval, Founder & CEO, MeasureMatch.

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