June 9, 2024
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What are the differences between the AtlasGM platform and the MeasureMatch Marketplace?

Comparative Analysis of AtlasGM and the MeasureMatch Marketplace

Target Customers and Functional Focus

AtlasGM is explicitly tailored for B2B software companies (aka ISVs) looking to operate their own transactional marketplaces. It is the SaaS version of the MeasureMatch Marketplace.

AtlasGM focuses on enabling these companies to manage and monetize their channel partner ecosystems effectively, and helps to address specific needs of ISV GTM leaders and their line managers who require better data visibility and scalable solutions to create value with partners.

The MeasureMatch Marketplace, on the other hand, serves a broader group of customers, including C-level leaders and professionals in marketing, commerce, customer experience, analytics, and product roles. It operates as a general end-to-end marketplace for buying and selling enterprise systems and data professional services. MeasureMatch is geared towards a wider range of enterprise needs, from systems evaluations and implementations to advanced configurations and data projects.

Approach to Problem-Solving

AtlasGM addresses problems related to the lack of visibility and accountability in partner ecosystems, broken workflows in partner engagement and growth, the non-scalability of channel partnerships traditionally managed through spreadsheets and chaotic CRM usage.

The MeasureMatch Marketplace focuses on enabling fast and seamless execution of important systems and data work. Business leaders use the marketplace to connect with a global network of specialist service providers, including consultancies, agencies, systems integrators, and independent consultants.

Scalability and Integration Capabilities

AtlasGM is designed to scale the management, optimization and monetization of channel partnerships beyond traditional methods, using a self-service platform that supports economic transactions within a controlled ecosystem. This allows B2B software companies to scale their operations without the overhead of developing and maintaining their own marketplace infrastructure.

The MeasureMatch Marketplace offers scalability through its vast network of over 10,000 service providers, supporting a range of systems and data expertise. It facilitates scalability not just in project execution but also in building relationships through its Partner Exchange accounts, where SaaS and enterprise software vendors can manage their own networks of verified service providers, and inbound sales opportunities from buyers of services in the MeasureMatch Marketplace.

Unique Features and Administrative Control

AtlasGM not only incorporates all of the robust features and functionalities of the MeasureMatch Marketplace, it also equips ISVs with comprehensive administrative controls through its Admin Panel. These controls are developed based on the same advanced technology that the MeasureMatch team has used to successfully serve its three main customer groups: buyers of services, service providers, and software companies. This exclusive feature allows ISVs to maintain greater oversight and manage their operations with enhanced efficiency and customization, directly catering to their unique business needs.

The MeasureMatch Marketplace, while providing a broad platform for a variety of enterprise needs, does not offer the same level of tailored administrative control to its users. Instead, it focuses on providing a versatile environment suitable for direct transactions among its diverse user base.


While both AtlasGM and the MeasureMatch Marketplace serve to enhance operational efficiencies and facilitate economic transactions, they cater to distinctly different needs and offer varying levels of control and customization.

AtlasGM, as the SaaS version of the MeasureMatch Marketplace, not only replicates the platform’s features but extends beyond by providing ISVs with the same administrative controls the MeasureMatch team has developed. These controls are specifically tailored to enhance the management, visibility, and scalability of B2B software companies' ecosystems.

Conversely, MeasureMatch offers a broader, more flexible platform suitable for a wide range of enterprise systems and data service needs across various industries, prioritizing versatility and accessibility for its diverse clientele.


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