February 20, 2023
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What is the Partner Exchange and what are Partner Benches? (for B2B software companies)?

We are developing Partner Benches for B2B cloud software companies to participate in and benefit from increasingly valuable buyer/seller dynamics in the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace.

Enhanced Features for B2B Software Vendors

The Partner Exchange includes a range of features designed to benefit B2B software vendors, including:

Robust Profiles: Software vendors can signal intent and capabilities to service providers and clients in the MeasureMatch marketplace, showcasing the extent of their partnerships and their eagerness to build new go-to-market relationships.

Access to a Global Network: Gain access to MeasureMatch’s extensive global network of over 10,000 vetted service providers, including standout agencies, consultancies, systems integrators, and independent consultants.

Custom Partner Benches: Easily group service providers by skill set and directly book them into contracts or improve discoverability for MeasureMatch clients to engage with their brand and product offerings.

Direct Service Capabilities: Buy services from vetted professionals quickly, providing invaluable aid to customer success or professional services teams needing extra capacity fast.

Serve Customers Directly with Accountability: Invite customers to engage with vetted service providers and gain high-level visibility into their MeasureMatch experience.

Boost Direct Sales: MeasureMatch clients discover new software solutions via our advanced matching or their own searching, opening up direct channels for sales growth.


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