March 29, 2023
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Release Notes: V2 of ChatGPT Integration & More

V2 of our ChatGPT integration is here! 🚀 🤖

-> Title field is now auto-populated

-> Deliverables are also generated and individually auto-populated

-> UI/UX updates

-> We are officially running GPT-4!

Other changes include:

-> Text changes in first page of sign-up flow

Note: There will be another push to production tomorrow, taking live 2 key changes that will make the scope of work submission experience even better.

-> We will set envoirment variables defining which model to use in each envoirment (local/staging/productions) so it's easier than having it hard-coded.

-> Project description ChatGPT output processing.

In rare cases the description can look a bit confusing because of how the output is given so we will introduce some pre-processing so that we make sure the description always looks it's best.


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