March 19, 2023
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Release Notes: ChatGPT Integration & More


So, we have our first ever integration with OpenAI for clients to more easily and more quickly submit their business requirements. This is the first of many steps to bring AI into the platform! A few changes were made to this workflow as well!

-> Users can now click to use ChatGPT to help write their service/business requirements with a new prompt field.

Users can now press our new "Use ChatGPT" button which will open a new field where clients can write even a couple of lines, after that they can click the "Generate" button which will go into a loading state until the API provides its response and automatically populate the description field.

-> The submission form was updated to follow the latest design principals we have been using (e.g. proposal flow).

-> Multiple text changes across the form itself.

-> Changed a few components to algin with new MM custom components designs that we have been using/building lately.


-> The file clean-up we took live last week has now been merged into our main branch.

-> Service provider signup workflow text changes.

-> FTE Account Lock text has been updated.


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