February 16, 2023
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A Step-by-Step Guide: How MeasureMatch Works for Client Account Holders

First, what is MeasureMatch?

MeasureMatch is an end-to-end, consulting & professional services marketplace platform.

Simply put, our marketplace helps business leaders and their teams use cloud software and data better.

Below are a few examples of the skills and services sought after and contracted through MeasureMatch:

  • Advanced software configurations
  • API strategy & development
  • Business intelligence solutions
  • Business performance analytics
  • Cloud & IT cost optimization
  • Cloud marketplace strategy & execution
  • Cloud security solutions
  • Cloud software implementations
  • CRM strategy & implementations
  • Customer data platform implementations
  • And much more

Ultimately, our clients need specific business questions answered and scalable, dependable solutions to get to those answers and many other measureable outcomes.

Who are MeasureMatch Clients?

MeasureMatch clients (i.e. buyers of services) are business leaders in a broad range of organizations including brands, retailers, technology vendors, agencies, consultancies, educational institutions, government agencies and more.

In 2022, 72% of our clients were Founders, CEOs and C-suite execs.

More broadly, MeasureMatch clients are leaders in marketing, commerce, analytics, product development, sales operations and HR.

A growing number of clients are marketing agencies and consultancies.

Importantly, each client has direct access to staffing or professional services budgets that can be quickly deployed to solve for enterprise software systems, data management and/or analytics business needs.

Service requirements span from advisory to execution, and commonly include implementation, configuration, systems integrations, troubleshooting and migration of marketing automation, CRM, data visualization, analytics, enterprise cloud systems, plus lots of data management, data engineering and data science project work.

Below are some of our happy customers 😉.

Who are MeasureMatch Service Provider account holders?

Service providers in our network are predominantly boutique to mid-sized consultancies, agencies and systems integrators, and a growing population of independent consultants.

The split between companies providing services and independent consultants is roughly 50/50.

Each service provider is screened, vetted, and many are interviewed by us, or invited by participating technology vendors.

The consultants and consultancies in our network are armed with transformational systems & data skills for businesses of all sizes to convert opportunities and problems into solutions and outcomes fast.

Importantly, we screen out full-time employees looking for evening and weekend work i.e. side gigs/side hustles.

We do this for two reasons:

  1. They could be your employees - we prefer to avoid this potential awkwardness or distraction
  2. The [growing] size and complexity of projects available via MeasureMatch require more than evenings and weekends to execute

Here’s how MeasureMatch works

1. Apply for a Client account

The process starts here. Done this already? Great!

2. Choose to Submit Services Requirements or Signup Directly

If you choose to submit a project brief, you'll be taking through a few steps to enter the details (it's quick).

Alternatively, you can sign up for a Client account first, and then submit your service/skills/business requirements.

3. Submit a Project Brief

This is a simple [or detailed] declaration stating, “I need help to get X done. I need Y skills, Z deliverables, when, where, etc.”

No need to get stressed out and over-engineer this.

Keep it simple to start. We can help to flesh out your requirements before the brief is released to our network of pros.

4. Project Brief Screening

Each project brief is screened by the MeasureMatch team before it is released to our network of service provider partners.

We commonly recommend edits for clarity and relevance, which you will need to review and approve.

5. Project Brief Released!

This is the moment of truth when your service requirements are released for service providers in our network to pursue.        

6. Receive Expressions of Interest (aka pitches)

You will receive Expressions of Interest (commonly referred to as EOIs or pitches) in your MeasureMatch Messages and your email inbox. These will come from self-selected service providers.

Clients commonly receive 5-15 highly qualified EOIs per project.

We recommend liberally declining EOIs – go with your gut instinct (it’s probably right).

With a single click you can decline a pitch with a “Thanks, but no thanks”.

You can also turn off pitches with a single click, which hides your project brief. Do this when you have enough pitches or you've quickly started promising discovery conversations.

We recommend limiting discovery conversations to the 1, 2 or 3 service providers who submitted the most compelling pitches and whose profiles were nicely aligned and persuasive.

7. Evaluate Service Providers

At this point, you will view read through the pitches you've received and you'll scan service providers’ profiles.

See an example below:

The *Service Packages that are integrated in profiles – are well worth clicking and scanning to gain a deeper understanding of specific skills, domain expertise, process handling and systems capabilities.

*Ask us about Service Packages and why other Clients think they are useful.

You can and should always feel free to get in touch with the MeasureMatch team for guidance if you're feeling stuck.

8. Discovery, Scoping, Pricing Conversations

Based on what you see in service providers’ profiles and/or in their Service Packages, invite only the most relevant and persuasive service providers into discovery, scoping, pricing and proposal discussions.

Again, we recommend opening 1, 2 or 3 discovery conversations. You’re busy. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Note: It is very much ok to liberally “decline” Expressions of Interest. And, please try to keep communication flowing through the platform as much as possible. This will help us to help you. We recognize that’s not always possible, but thanks for trying 😉.

9. Request & Receive Proposals

Request and receive proposals only through the platform.

Requesting or receiving proposals directly via email is a breach of the terms of service that govern your use of the MeasureMatch marketplace.

Only ask for a proposal if you are truly impressed by the combination of a service provider’s profile, her/his pitch, and any discovery conversation(s) you’ve had. If you’re not ready for a proposal, please do not ask for one.

10. Book a Contract

After thrashing out a proposal that works for you, accept a proposal in the platform.

This creates a contract that is governed by the platform’s Terms of Service.

Only do this if you are happy to proceed into a services contract. Receiving and acting on proposals outside of the MeasureMatch marketplace is in contravention of our terms of service.

11. Confirm Completion

When an engagement has reached its conclusion, or you’ve reached an agreed milestone, both you and your service provider partner will confirm completion of the contract in the platform.

Simply click the button that says "Finish Project & Give Feedback".

Note: It’s easy to re-book a service provider. Just look for buttons that say "Book {service provider first name} Again" and then briefly describe your requirements and submit!

12. Payment & Fees

MeasureMatch will invoice you/your organization upon the conclusion of an agreed milestone, at the end of each calendar month (if the contract is for a multi-month retainer), or at the end of the engagement.

MeasureMatch currently issues invoices for all completed contracts and payment is collected via bank transfer or by credit/bank card.

Payoneer is our payment processing partner for bank transfers while Stripe is our partner for card-based payments.

A 3% card processing fee is added if you choose to pay by card.

Platform pricing is on a sliding scale – the greater the spend each calendar year, the lower the platform fees, which start at 12.5% on top of the gross contract value up to $10,000, dropping to 10% between $10,001 and $50,000, and down further from there. Please ask for details.

13. Rating & Written Review

It's important to provide a star rating and a written review for the service provider (and for us) to learn and benefit from your experience.

14. Do it again 😉.

Over the past 12 months, MeasureMatch clients rated more than 95% of their servies partners and contracts 5 full stars!

The remaining ratings are 4.5 stars, which we can live with.

Your customer happiness is incredibly important to us. We’ll continue to do everything we can to earn yours, too.

Thank you,

The MeasureMatch Team


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