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Liquidity and Price Discovery in the MeasureMatch Marketplace and AtlasGM-based Marketplaces

12 June 2024
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Liquidity and price discovery are crucial principles that define the effectiveness of digital marketplaces. The MeasureMatch Marketplace connects businesses with top-tier service providers specializing in IT consulting and professional services, while AtlasGM, a self-service SaaS extension, specifically caters to B2B software companies, their customers, and partners.

This blog article explores how these two platforms uniquely enhance liquidity and facilitate price discovery in their respective markets.

Liquidity in Specialized Marketplaces

In both MeasureMatch and AtlasGM, liquidity is about much more than transaction volume; it’s about the efficiency with which businesses can find the right expertise at the right time. MeasureMatch provides a robust environment where companies can swiftly connect with vetted consultants, consultancies, agencies and systems integrators. AtlasGM extends this capability by integrating the service provider population from MeasureMatch into new marketplaces created by AtlasGM customers (i.e., software companies). This integration allows new AtlasGM customers to quickly expand their service offerings (i.e. their service provider partners), maximizing choice and capability for their end-users.

Additionally, service providers that join AtlasGM-originated marketplace not only contribute to that specific marketplace but have the option to become part of a global provider population for other AtlasGM-based marketplaces. This is like a Shopify business having access to a growing pool of products that it can easily pull into and sell through its store. 

This cross-pollination enhances overall market liquidity and creates a richer, more diverse ecosystem of services. Importantly, service providers have the option to opt out of being invited into other AtlasGM-originated marketplaces, ensuring flexibility and control over their marketplace engagements.

The Mechanics of Price Discovery

Price discovery at MeasureMatch involves a dynamic negotiation process where Marketplace customers and service providers agree on pricing that reflects a project's complexity and scope. 

In both the MeasureMatch Marketplace and AtlasGM, this mechanism is further refined through the use of Service Packages. Service providers publish these one-page listings that describe specific services or capabilities, complete with guide pricing. These packages allow customers to directly initiate discovery conversations, facilitating a streamlined path from initial pitch to proposal and contract, thus enhancing the price discovery process.

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Building Trust and Ensuring Customization

Trust and Verification: Trust is a cornerstone of both the MeasureMatch Marketplace and AtlasGM. We ensure that all participants in our marketplaces are thoroughly vetted, showcasing their credentials, past projects, and client testimonials. This rigorous process builds a foundation of trust and quality, essential for high-value professional service transactions.

Customization and Service Integration: Our platforms support extensive customization options. Clients can specify precise project requirements, and service providers can tailor their proposals to meet these needs. This bespoke approach is crucial, especially in complex SaaS environments where ongoing support and integration services play a pivotal role.

Regulatory and Compliance Oversight: Compliance with legal standards, especially concerning data security and privacy, is paramount. Both the MeasureMatch Marketplace and AtlasGM uphold stringent compliance measures to ensure all transactions meet relevant regulatory standards, maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of our platforms.

Wrapping Up

Understanding liquidity and price discovery is vital for participants in the MeasureMatch Marketplace and in marketplaces created by ISVs adopting the AtlasGM platform. By optimizing these economic principles above, we not only ensure our platforms operate efficiently and transparently but also provide a dependable and high-quality marketplace experience, tailored to the complex needs of our customers and all parties in each marketplace environment.

Canalys's Chief Analyst, Jay McBain, summed up the opportunity perfectly when he wrote, "Supporting partners in the trillions of dollars of current spend, up-leveling them with digital tools to support new buyers and new technologies, and then passing the tools through the partner to the digital-first end buyer in a "federated" marketplace appears to be the winning model of the future."

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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