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The Case for ISVs: 11 Benefits of Adopting a Transactional Marketplace

11 June 2024
2 minute read

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are increasingly looking to innovative strategies to sustain growth and differentiate themselves in a competitive market. Adopting a transactional marketplace can be a pivotal move for ISVs, offering numerous benefits that range from revenue diversification to enhanced customer engagement. 

Below are eleven compelling reasons why ISVs should consider operating their own transactional marketplaces:

  1. Deepen and Broaden Customer Retention

Integrating a transactional marketplace like AtlasGM can enhance customer retention by providing comprehensive solutions - provided by and together with valued service provider partners - that stimulate long-term customer loyalty.

  1. Add Routes to Customer Growth

Transactional marketplaces can and should be open to both existing and prospective customers, and services partners should be provided with the tools to easily bring net new revenue opportunities. Expanding into new geographic and sector-specific markets is also more easily done through a robust, self-service marketplace solution.

  1. Scale a Robust Partner Ecosystem

Building a partner ecosystem through a self-service, transactional marketplace platform can facilitate unparalleled collaboration and co-creation, driving mutual trust, economic value creation and product innovation.

  1. Unlock New Revenue Streams

AtlasGM enables ISVs to diversify their revenue opportunities by introducing additional services and products, broadening their financial base. It’s also likely that ISVs, for the first time, can create self-funded, if not profitable, partnerships teams.

  1. Bring New Accountability to Partner-Sourced Revenue

Marketplaces allow for powerful tracking and reporting of partner contributions, ensuring transparency and reinforcing partnerships.

  1. Enhance Customer Engagement and Loyalty

A digital marketplace that goes far beyond partner locators and directories provides numerous customer interaction touchpoints and data collection, helping to deliver personalized experiences that strengthen relationships.

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  1. Differentiate from Competitors

Offering a transactional marketplace sets ISVs apart from competitors and peers, showcasing a commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

  1. Streamline Sales and Marketing Efforts

Enabling self-service purchasing processes through a marketplace reduces costs and increases efficiency, allowing for more strategic and more effective sales & marketing initiatives.

  1. Mitigate Customer & Partner Risks with Data

The AtlasGM platform comes with enhanced security and compliance features that mitigate risk and support informed decision-making.

  1. Accelerate Product Innovation

Insights from marketplace buying, selling and co-selling inform product development, ensuring customers are provided with offerings that remain relevant, competitive and maximize retention.

  1. Integrate with and Grow through Hyperscaler Marketplaces

Coming Soon - AtlasGM will enable ISVs and their service provider partners to co-sell and execute software purchasing through hyperscaler marketplaces starting with the AWS Marketplace. This capability not only broadens reach but also enhances the visibility and accessibility of ISV products in established, high-traffic environments.


By embracing a transactional marketplace, ISVs can significantly enhance their business models, leveraging these eleven strategic benefits to ensure sustained growth and market relevance. A marketplace approach not only fortifies existing customer and partner relationships but also establishes new avenues for revenue and innovation, positioning ISVs at the forefront of their industry’s evolution and relevance for their customers.

This article’s aim is to assist ISV partnerships and C-suite leaders in understanding the transformative impact and strategic advantages of integrating a transactional marketplace into their business strategy.

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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