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The 2021 LinkedIn Series: Certifications Can Be Powerful

December 2021
1 minute read

This was originally published to LinkedIn here.

Nicely done Olivia Ramirez!

Point number three in your write-up (here) is especially shrewd and well worth celebrating:

#3 Your Partners Will Send You More Business

Not only are certifications directly valuable to demonstrate a commitment to mastering a craft, they're also powerful to develop and embed skills that are transferable to other growth opportunities through adjacent, even competitive, systems.

Case in point: My team and I are seeing fascinating flavours of knowledge transfer, knowledge evolution in service providers with certifications in one solution, but getting booked to reach into similar products to create phenomenal customer success, and capture substantial revenue opportunities every day.

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Similar to when MBA students interrogate case studies on Lean Manufacturing, the economics and disruption of video on-demand or the market entry of a new low cost airline, most of what each graduate has learned doesn't go into advancing the successes of Toyota, Netflix or Ryanair.

Certifications can be powerful, especially when done with a view to much bigger opportunities.

Read the Crossbeam blog article here.

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James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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