Emma Marlow
28 September 2020
3 minute read

How To Win Contracts & Influence Clients

Back in the summer, we wrote to our growing network of services providers about doing things differently for valuable first impressions & winning contracts. You can see the blog post here.

We advised that the more detail services providers add to their client-viewable profiles, the better - from adding service packages, to including past and current client logos, and requesting client reviews.

But we’d also like to go back to basics with specific focus on a key element of business development that occurs on the MeasureMatch marketplace: the expression of interest.

We are seeing two distinct types of client using MeasureMatch:  

1. Those who know exactly what skills they need from a SaaS services specialist, whether it’s Amazon Advertising API integration or Salesforce CRM deployment. Those who are at consideration set stage on the right tool for their specific data visualization needs, for example.  

2. And those clients who are just discovering how to use and maximise returns from their software stack.

All these clients – and more - are looking to MeasureMatch and our network of experts to help them get to where they need to be easier, faster and more efficiently than would otherwise be possible.

Team MeasureMatch works hard behind the scenes with every client project that lands with us to ensure it has enough of the right detailed information to ensure project briefs can be easily understood. Each and every brief that is released to services providers is bespoke.  And we ask the professionals in our network to pay the same level of care and attention when expressing interest.

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Below are our top ten tips for creating a winning expression of interest that is guaranteed to grab each client’s attention:

1.      Ensure you have one or more Service Packages added to your profile BEFORE pitching for a revenue opportunity. The last Service Package added will feature at the top of your profile - make that one speak to the project brief requirements / capabilities required by the client.  This is a great way of adding authority to your response.

2.      Always send a message with your expression of interest. No message generally equates to a decline from a client (not always, but mostly). You’d be immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage without a solidly crafted pitch.

3.      Make it personal - don’t copy and paste a generic sales message for your / your consultancy’s services. It doesn’t look good if you do. And we’ll likely be in touch to ask you to do better next time.

4.      Customise your expression of interest so it speaks to the client’s sector / organisation type and project requirements. Even if your services are broad, narrow down to the key elements that are most relevant to this particular brief.

5.      If you have relevant experience, make sure you reference it, including client brand names, linkes to case studies, etc. Clients love to see endorsement from brands similar to their own.

6.      If you can, pitch one or more incremental solutions to the client’s immediate requirements. This will let clients know that you have a great depth of experience in and/or around their area of need.

7.      Service providers who add links to examples of relevant work and / or their own blog articles in their expression of interest messages are winning contracts through early demonstration of mastery.

8.      Why not add the names of references, and offer to make introductions to them, in your expression of interest?  This adds weight to your response and reassures the client that you have a strong reputation.

9.      Services providers who offer direct access to their calendars via Calendly or similar services in their expressions of interest are winning contracts. Make it easy for clients to connect with you!

10.  In short, first impressions are critically important – make the most of them 😉.

MeasureMatch aims to support the development of every one of the 000s of independent, experienced, vetted consultancies, consultants, agencies and systems integrators and in doing so create a culture of continuous improvement that embodies our marketplace.

More ideas for winning expressions of interest? Let us know!

Emma Marlow

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