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How To Win Clients and Influence Revenue Growth

28 September 2020
3 minute read

Back in the summer (of 2020), we sent some detailed guidance to our network of service providers about how to do things differently for valuable first impressions & winning contracts.

You can see the blog post here.

We advised that the more detail that service providers add to their MeasureMatch profiles, the better - from adding service packages, to including past and current client logos, and requesting client reviews.

But we’d also like to go back to basics with a specific focus the most important part of business development that occurs in the MeasureMatch marketplace:

The Expression Of Interest

Below are our top ten tips for creating a winning Expression Of Interest (aka EOI):

1.      Add one or more Service Packages to your profile BEFORE or immediately AFTER submitting a pitch for a revenue opportunity. The last Service Package you add will be featured at the top of your profile - make that one speak to the project brief requirements and capabilities required by the client.  This is a great way of adding authority and personalization to your pitch.

2.      Always send a message with your expression of interest. No message generally equates to a decline from a client (not always, but mostly). You’d be immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage without a solidly crafted pitch.

3.      Make your pitch personal - don’t copy and paste a generic sales message for your / your consultancy’s services. It doesn’t look good if you do. And we’ll likely be in touch to ask you to do better next time.

4.     Make absolutely certain your pitch is relevant i.e. make sure it speak to the client’s  project and services requirements. Use some of the language in the project brief. Anything less will likely be a waste of time - because you'll likely not get invited for a discovery, scoping, pricing conversation.

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5.      Make certain your pitch and profile feature relevant experience and talk it up. Clients love to see endorsement from brands similar to their own.

6.      If appropriate, pitch one or more incremental solutions to the client’s immediate requirements (this is your call and based on your "reading of the room"). This will let clients know that you have a greater depth of experience in and/or around their immediate needs.

7.      Drop names of brands you've worked with, add links to case studies, or blog articles. Demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in demand.

8.      Offer to provide introductions to references, and perhaps go so far as to drop names. This adds weight to your pitch and reassures the client that you have a strong reputation.

9.      Provide direct access to your calendar via Calendly or similar service. Make it extremely easy for clients to connect with you! This is a complete no brainer.

10.  Create an amazing first impression. They are critically important – make the most of them 😉.

The MeasureMatch team actively supports every one of our customers - across each side of the marketplace platform and partner ecosystem. We're excited to support you as we create a culture of continuous improvement that benefits all parties.

Do you have ideas for winning contracts via MeasureMatch Let us know!

Emma Marlow, MeasureMatch Co-Founder & COO

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