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6 Things To Consider Before Signing Up To Become A MeasureMatch Expert

12 July 2018
4 minute read

I’m writing this blog post to address a concern expressed by a small, but valuable number of independent consultants and consultancies.

The concern I hear is often phrased in a question like this:

“Why would I want to sign up to a marketplace where price is a race to the bottom?”

I’ll start my answer by stating this: 

MeasureMatch Experts are the créme de la créme of independent data, analytics and marketing technology consultants and consultancies. And we intend to keep it this way.

But you wouldn’t know how good or valuable MeasureMatch Experts are unless you sign up as a company in need of expertise. Companies with Buyer accounts can browse MeasureMatch Experts’ profiles and see for themselves.

For consultants and consultancies, it’s a little more of a leap of faith.

So, here are 6 things to take into account before signing up.

1. Quality vs Quantity

We are 100% committed to onboarding and supporting amazing quality over raw volume.

Only the best of the best, on both sides of the equation, are in our sights for growth and value creation. You might say that MeasureMatch is more Apple than, say, Alphabet.


2. Specialist vs Generalist

MeasureMatch is a specialist marketplace.

We’re currently quite narrowly, vertically, uniquely focused on helping companies to solve marketing and customer experience-centric data, analytics and technology problems.

If, as a consultancy leader or owner, you have any concerns about the prospect of entering into an environment where pricing is heavily under pressure and driven down to unacceptable levels, well, that won’t be happening here as a business strategy.

The very nature of our focus and drive for quality alone will help to keep value and pricing at a level that I’d like to think you will appreciate, if not thrive from.

Our ambition is to play on a global stage and with that opportunity comes scale and volume, but that is not our primary game.


3. Differentiation

As a clearly differentiated and positioned consultancy, you and your team should be able to command the pricing you want via MeasureMatch, or any other route to market for that matter.

Ultimately, we’re designing the MeasureMatch software to give consultants and consultancies total control over how they communicate their services, how they set and negotiate their pricing, how they create and capture value.

And, importantly, you control whether or not to express interest in projects posted to the platform.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Hire a Marketing Automation Team in Minutes, Not Months

Instantly get matched to highly skilled independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch.

4. Pricing

It is, very simply, not in our interest to create a marketplace environment where pricing pressure unrelentingly diminishes the value opportunity on the supply side of the equation.

If for any reason at all, it’s because it will also unrelentingly diminish the value opportunity on the demand side as well.

Circle back to points 1, 2 and 3 above for more on why we’re dead set on building MeasureMatch differently.

In the end, the Buyers’ choices will certainly be heavily influenced by price, but also by recommendations, negotiation conversations, frequency of communication, profile photos and descriptions, skills, experience, domain knowledge, customer feedback, ratings, consultative vs hard selling, the ease or difficulty in navigating our platform and much more.


5. Team Effort

We are a small team here at MeasureMatch HQ and, admittedly, still very early in our game.

This is a great time to join us on our journey. This is a great time to help us to shape the MeasureMatch service to meet your needs.

We welcome, encourage and love ideas and feedback. You can always book time with James Sandoval, MeasureMatch’s Founder & CEO, here.


6. Balancing Growth & Quality

MeasureMatch Experts now hail from 25 countries.

That number is growing at a healthy clip and we have ambitious plans for further growth e.g. 3,000+ consultants and consultancies by the end of 2017. And a whole lot more in 2018.


So, how do we maintain our high standard of quality as we grow? I’m glad you asked.

We’re working really hard to do that partly through software (automated screening, tests, certification verification and more are on the development roadmap), but we’re also committed to fulfilling on our vision to become thedestination for organizations to find and hire amazing independent data, analytics and technology experts directly, on demand and from anywhere on planet earth to more quickly achieve and advance beyond their business goals.

That vision requires nothing less than the best of the best, across the board.

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you in MeasureMatch and joining me on this incredibly exciting journey.

James Sandoval
Founder & CEO

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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