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Product Update: Personalized Dashboards & Matching for Clients

1 August 2022
1.5 minute read

The term dashboard is used to describe a lot of things, especially business performance reporting using time series graphs, bar charts, pie charts and the like.

So, to be fair, what we've added to Client [and Partner Exchange] accounts, aren't completely "dashboards", but they're close-ish, so we're sticking with the name 😉.

Importantly, dashboards in Client accounts include elements to more easily navigate, learn and derive more value.

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The very top is reserved for "Active Projects" with two types of status: "In Negotiation" and "In Contract".

Clients can see if you have unread messages, new proposals and more.

Just click ab "Active Project" element to get to the project-level communications, including proposal and contract management workflows, etc.

Notes: We're planning to completely overhaul Messages, including the proposal and contract management workflows, and the payment processing and rating/review experinces, too. We recognize the first version of these elements aren't terribly optimal. Lots of great stuff coming!


Just below "Active Projects" are four tiles featuring a set of "Stats" performance numbers. They include:

  • The average star rating you've given across all completed contracts
  • The total amount spent to date
  • The total number of completed projects to date
  • The number of team members in your account

We'll add more tiles and optimize them to be more useful soon.


We're now, finally, building platform elements that live up to our name, MeasureMatch!

So, we're investing more software development time and effort into matching your account and your services requirements to both service providers and Partner Marketplaces.

The former, service poviders, are featured just below the "Stats" section of the dashboard.

And the latter, Partner Marketplaces, are at the bottom.

In time, we'd like to go well beyond this kind of [basic] matching to accurately predicting which systems and/or data professional services you and your organization can and should benefit from through our marketplace.

Pause For Breath

These dashboard elements, like every newly released feature or functonality, will evolve over time.

We'll likely get some things wrong, but we'll act fast to fix or refine so your experience is amazing as possible.

And, don't be shy, tell us what you want added or changed. All ideas are welcomed!

Now, login and take a look 😉.

Thanks from me and the MeasureMatch Team

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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