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Why Business Leaders Are Choosing MeasureMatch vs Other Options For Systems & Data Professional Services

20 July 2022
3 minute read

Below is an edited version of the transcript from the video above.

Business leaders like Jason, Ondrej, and Allison are choosing MeasureMatch, the professional services marketplace, to advance systems and data capabilities faster versus other routes, for a couple of very clear reasons.

But first, a couple of definitions.

Systems means SaaS and enterprise software. This is the stuff that organizations, small and large, are adopting to help with operational efficiencies, competitive advantage, strategic integrations and more.

They include software products from Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, and many thousands of others.

Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma of MartechTribe produced this year's Marketing Technology Landscape, which is an amazing resource.

So, that's what we mean by systems i.e. software that's and used by organizations globally.

And there's data, which is business information of all shapes and sizes and velocity. There's a lot of it coming at us every day, right?

That's core to the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace: systems & data.

Our platform enables business leaders like Jason, Ondrej, and Allison to find and book into services contracts, agencies, consultancies, and systems integrators to get important systems and data work done incredibly fast.

But they have choices.

What we see regularly, in terms of other options that business leaders have, are laid out right here.

Let's let's start with number two: Freelance and other types of marketplace environments.

Whether it's an Upwork, a LinkedIn, perhaps even Fiverr, amazing businesses and platforms in their own right, but when it comes to systems and data work, especially at the enterprise level and even at the mid-market level, well, they really are super high friction, they are tough to get important work done and find the right quality.

Partly because they are horizontal, in nature, right? You can pretty much buy any type of service under the sun.

They're almost too, too big for their own good.

And there's a perception, especially off the back of experience, that they're really environments for low cost work.

And with that [low cost] comes a degree of risk; in some cases high risk.

And we know because many clients have come into our platform and said they didn't really quite get what they needed going to other platforms.

They came into our marketplace because of our core focus on SaaS, enterprise software and data professional services.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Solve Cloud Software, Data & AI Challenges Faster

For startups to large enterprises, MeasureMatch is the marketplace platform connecting business leaders with amazing consulting and professional services partners.

Number two, software vendors.

Software vendors should be an obvious choice.

I had a conversation with an investor just last week who pressed me really hard about why business leaders would choose MeasureMatch versus going to a software vendor and getting matched, or going to their partner directory.

The reasons why they're not doing that, in some cases, is that, again, these are high friction environments; partner directories are not terribly easy to navigate.

You're presented with a bunch of tombstones and logos, and you're required to contact multiple service provider partners to try to move forward into a services engagement, right?

That's not easy. And, well, you'll be lucky if you get an answer back.

And, if there is matching it's poor or it's not objective, or it's certainly not data-driven. Importantly, it's sales centric and favouritism-based or memory-driven.

We know, we've spoke with many software vendors who tell us the way they match is based on what they remember most recently hearing about an agency or consultancy.

And there's the sales-centric nature of partner directories - just to be a little extra clear. Software vendors' partner relationships with service providers are sales-centric, sales-first.

The services that are provided are gravy. We think these services really should be viewed as strategically important, because they embed, deepen and create longer lasting relationships between clients and software organizations, and much more valuable revenue opportunities for software vendors, too.

But, what software vendors really want are new customers, net new revenue, new MRR, new ARR, that's their model every day. Service providers, in terms of the services they provide, are just a nice to have.

Aain, some of our customers came into MeasureMatch saying, "I was matched to a consultancy and worked with them for a year and it didn't work out. Can you help us fix that problem and move into some real value opportunities?"

And lastly, consultancies.

You can see the names - there really are too big, too slow, too costly, certainly for what are majority mid-market types of business leaders and organizations coming into the MeasureMatch marketplace.

So, hopefully that's helpful. Get in touch with any questions at all.

James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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