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mParticle launches its Service Partner Hub to scale service provider relationships via the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace platform

19 September 2019
3 minutes

We're excited to announce mParticle's participation in the MeasureMatch marketplace.

mParticle is the fastest, most efficient way to keep customer data in sync everywhere. From marketing to analytics to customer support, mParticle empowers different teams to execute on their KPIs independently while understanding the customer holistically and boasts clients including AirBnB, King, Spotify, Ticketmaster, NBC Universal and more. And now mParticle uses MeasureMatch.

 "mParticle is delighted to partner with MeasureMatch to add further depth and breadth to our service channel partner initiatives. The demand for Customer Data Platform solutions is growing at quite a pace, so it is critically important to ensure customers can easily access highly qualified, capable and approved professional services partners to ensure outsized business value is derived from our platform."  Tim Norris, VP Sales EMEA

mParticle's Service Partner Hub is now live and open for existing mParticle service partners to join by applying for a MeasureMatch account (free). Current MeasureMatch Expert account holders can apply to be mParticle-verified in a few clicks.

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Solve Cloud Software, Data & AI Challenges Faster

For startups to large enterprises, MeasureMatch is the marketplace platform connecting business leaders with amazing consulting and professional services partners.

Below are a few FAQs and you can find a growing number of articles in our new Help Center here.

Service Partner Hubs FAQ

Question. I am already a certified partner of a technology vendor that has a MeasureMatch Service Partner Hub, why should I bother?

Answer. Good question. Consultants, consultancies, agencies and SIs in our network are applying to be featured as technology vendor partners for two reasons:

  1. To get a vendor-verified badge in their profiles for clients to see. The badge is a little extra credibility boost to further stoke confidence in clients when they're viewing profiles.
  2. Vendor-verified service partners will be prioritized to receive project brief notifications ahead of our broader network of consultants.
  3. Why not? It's free and requires only a little time to apply.

Question. What if I don't have enough experience or a certification, can I still apply?

Answer. Each technology vendor determines its own qualifying criteria, which means it is up to each technology vendor make a call regarding partner eligibility. It could be that an award-winning case study, backed up with an endorsement from a client is enough to get you in. Some vendors will, no doubt, be hard-nosed about requiring certifications or a minimum number of years of experience, etc.

Question. What's the point of Service Partner Hubs?

Answer. There are a few things that we've taken into account to build this part of the platform:

Quality & Trust

Although we interview all relevant service provider applicants, we know we can do better to ensure MeasureMatch clients are presented with an excellent range of high quality consultants and consultancies. Service Partner Hubs is a way to do that, with direct participation by technology vendors themselves. 


The vast majority of the project work done via the MeasureMatch marketplace is systems-specific.Having the makers of these systems actively participating in the marketplace will help us to help you… and help clients to get the most of the software systems they've adopted.


Technology vendor participation is via a Vendor account, but packed with Client account functionality. So, in addition to creating Service Partner Hubs, technology vendors can also submit project briefs and book consultants into contracts, just like Clients can. Vendor accounts are built this way because we were told this would be useful. So, sooner than later, the first project briefs from technology vendors will emerge i.e. new revenue opportunities, and new ways to deepen technology vendor relationships.

And there's more. But we'll leave it at this for now. 

Mai Hussein

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