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MeasureMatch News - Issue #2 - MeasureMatch Services, MarTech Edu, #BeBoldForChange, Friends & More

10 March 2017
4 minute read

Welcome to MeasureMatch News

If you haven’t already read it, you will now:

I am super delighted to have you with me on this entrepreneurial journey. Thank you!

Wow! What a week it’s been since the last newsletter. The dev team’s hands have been extremely full and very active. Our team of advisors has been amazingly helpful. Our fundraising is going really well (despite the haphazard approach). And interest in the MeasureMatch service continues to grow across the board.

That said, it really is still very early in the development of the MeasureMatch service.

It’ll no doubt feel a bit slow to evolve and it’ll be a wee bit of a bumpy ride now and again, but we’re determined to create something extraordinarily special and valuable for everyone involved. That especially means you!

Many thanks for your commitment, your patience and your understanding.

A Quick Review

As you know, MeasureMatch is a freelance (aka “gig economy”) marketplace dedicated to marketing technology, data/analytics and research/insight services.

We’re starting by creating the tools for companies of all sizes to easily find, communicate with, hire and pay independent #measure, #martech and #mrx professionals for project-based work.

Most companies have not yet used an on-demand marketplace for professional services, but they will. We know. We interviewed and asked a large-ish number of them.

We opened our doors for business on 1 February 2017.

Website Updates

The team pushed into production a number of new new website and brand designs which are being received very positively. Do check out the websiteand tell me what you think.


MeasureMatch Services

I’m regularly asked, “Which services can I buy through MeasureMatch?”

I’ll use a select few categories from Scott Brinker’s 2016 Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic to illustrate and answer this question.

  • The DMP Category

This is a category that I’m especially intrigued by. It is, arguably, still a very nascent space. We’ll see lots of advances in capabilities, many new entrants and a fair amount of
consolidation over the coming years. Krux’s recent sale to Salesforce is a great example of the latter.

A growing number of MeasureMatch Experts have hands-on DMP planning and deployment skills and experience.

  • The Mobile & Web Analytics Category


There are many, many more (and many more flavours of) analytics systems in the market than what are current stuffed in the box above, but you get the picture. The value opportunities in each are enormous, if not primarily because most are not very well deployed in the organisations that have adopted them.

The MeasureMatch community of Experts is [currently] skewed heavily toward the skills and experience required to create tremendous value from these and related #measure products, and the data sets they collect.

  • The Dashboards & Data Visualization Category


Who doesn’t love to see their business data presented in a way that’s easy on the eye, easily shared and easily/realtime updated? No one, that’s who.

We have a large-ish (and growing) handful of #dataviz wizards on the platform.

  • The iPaaS Cloud/Data Integration & Tag Management Category


Of the vendors in this space, I’m most familiar with the Tag Management products and the business problems they’re quickly developing to address. The value opportunities from these solutions go well beyond the management of adtech and other martech systems’ data collection scripts and tags, and now commonly include customer identity resolution, data integration, attribution, customer insight and more.

Naturally, many of our Experts know these systems well.

And, lastly, for now…

  • The CRM Category


The demand for this category of expertise has been something of a surprise for us and so we’re planning on attracting more independent consultants to sign up as MM Experts.

More Experts Wanted

According to CabinetM, there are more 6,000 marketing technology vendors out there. We are on a mission to create an amazing community of independent Experts who can terrifically and professionally service most, if not all, of these systems for MeasureMatch Buyers.

And so, we’re actively on the hunt for more independent consultants (i.e. freelance, contract, contingent workers) to become MeasureMatch Experts.

Do you know someone who might like to sign up? Please encourage her/him to visit MeasureMatch and apply to become a MeasureMatch Expert today. Thank you!

A referral programme will launch next week, so watch out for that in the platform (login required).

Buyers’ Projects Coming Soon

We’re ramping up our invitations to companies (we call them Buyers) to post marketing tech, data and insight projects e.g. Salesforce reporting, Hubspot account set-ups, Optimizely experiments, Google Analytics revamps, surveys, Tableau campaign performance dashboard builds and the like.

A number of projects are under review now and will be posted shortly. We’re taking extra steps to create the best possible customer experience for Buyers and Experts alike, so it’s taking a little longer than anticipated to get the first projects live.

Notifications will go out to Experts via email when projects match their profiles.

Note to Experts: Update your profiles to contain all of the possible language you can think of to describe your tech, data, service skills and experience.

MarTech Education Partners Wanted

I need to talk with several more marketing/data tech vendors to put the final touches on what is my most exciting MeasureMatch roadmap item: an unparalleled library of relevant lessons, courses and certification programmes valuably integrated with Measurematch Experts’ profiles. Please get in touch if this is you.

Shout Outs

  • Indranil Datta is a dear friend and former co-founder. He recently started a new role at Annalect where he’ll doing more great things with marketing tech and data. Join me in congratulating him. Annalect is very lucky to have him.
  • Anya Paul is a woman who grabs life by the horns. She recently moved from London to New York to build on her successes with Google on this side of the pond. Anya is amazing and I’m thrilled for her.
  • Adam Field, a friend and former Neo@Ogilvy colleague (going back nearly 10 years ago!), recently returned to London from several years in digital marketing leadership roles at Nike in Amsterdam. We met for a chat over lunch at Ruby in Shoreditch a couple of weeks ago. His energy and humanity are tremendously infectious. I wish him much success.
  • Gideon (Gidi) Delayahu is a digital analytics wizard. I’m very grateful for his time and work on the MeasureMatch GA and GTM accounts. With his help we will #measure well. You can find Gidi on MeasureMatch.
  • Ray You is a digital analytics expert who’s also on MeasureMatch, but he’s looking for a full-time role. He needs a UK T2 General visa sponsorship. Get in touch with him directly if you’d like to discuss.

There are, of course, many others. More next time.

Be Bold For Change

It was International Women’s Day on Wednesday this week and I’m still celebrating. I hope you are, too. I am a very proud father to two wonderful, bright, ambitious young women and my life partner, Valeria Leonardi, COO at the EdTech darling Primo Toys, is one of the most inspiring people I know. They are encouraged and supported by me daily to be bold, to learn, to seek out and embrace life-enriching opportunities, to cultivate relationships from all walks of life and they will no doubt change the world.

I am also trying my best to #BeBoldForChange as I build my company to be gender-balanced and terrifically diverse because I know that success is driven, in great part, by a broad range of ideas and methods to create value (e.g. through solving business problems, designing wonderful products and customer experiences, generating revenue, developing a community, etc).

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Hire a Marketing Automation Team in Minutes, Not Months

Instantly get matched to highly skilled independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch.

Check Out These Events

  • MeasureCamp

I’ll be at MeasureCamp in London on 25 March 2017. My company, MeasureMatch, is a sponsor. It’s our first marketing initiative and I’m thrilled to support Keely Jacob, *Peter O’Neill, the MeasureCamp team and the MeasureCamp community. I love every second of these events, the people I meet, the entrepreneurial spirit and the enthusiasm for solving business challenges through creative applications of technology, data and insight. #measure

*Peter is an Advisor to MeasureMatch

  • The I-COM Global Summit

The I-COM Global Summit, this year in Porto, is going to be huge. I’ve attended 6 of 8, sponsored 2 and thoroughly enjoyed all of Andreas Cohen’s “Data Marketing revolution” events. I highly recommend them. I’m hoping I can attend this year’s as well.

  • The Independent MarTech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup

I’m attempting to make a little real what is often virtual in online marketplaces. So, I’ve created the Independent MarTech, Data & Insight Experts Meetup. The the inaugural event is scheduled for 19 April 2017 (in London). Sign up here to meet, geek out, trade ideas, debate and solve marketing tech and data problems. One or two emerging martech companies will tell us about their wares.

  • The Digital Analytics Hub

One of the best, if not the best, digital analytics events is back in the US again this year. This time in New Orleans. If you haven’t experienced a Digital Analytics Hub conference yet, do try. I highly recommend it. Matthias Bettag and Michael Feiner are outstanding organizers and hosts, and this year’s event will no doubt be a blockbuster affair.

A Couple Of Influencers Worth Mentioning

Below are a couple of organizations from which I draw much inspiration and motivation:

  • Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist The work Scott does and the ideas he shares are brilliant.

  • Yeah, Upwork is arguably a competitive service to MeasureMatch, but boy do we like what they’re doing, especially the research they’re commissioning. Check out this phenomenal report done with the independent research firm Inavero called “Future Workforce: How Companies Embrace Flexible Teams to Get Work Done”. The stats and trends are awesome and good news for both Upwork and MeasureMatch.

And, for good #measure…

A Handful Of Podcasts I Like

And that’s all for this time.

Get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Tell me what we can do to make your MeasureMatch experience amazing.

Feel free to book time in my calendar here.

Thank you,


James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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