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MeasureMatch News - Issue #1

1 March 2017
8 minute read

James here. In case you don’t know me, I’m the founder of MeasureMatch. And I’m not a bad cook. Really. It’s true.

It’s great to be here.

This blog post (fair warning, it’s going to be beefy) has been aching to get out and I’m sure you’ve been aching to get an update.

So, welcome to issue number 1 of [drumroll please] MeasureMatch News.

Prepared for you in this issue:

  1. A general update
  2. A marketplace Experts update
  3. A marketplace Buyers update
  4. A few words on the MeasureMatch product development roadmap
  5. A Meetup
  6. A call for ideas and MeasureMatch blog pieces (please)
  7. Articles & research we like
  8. Some thanks

A general update

These are exciting times for the MeasureMatch team, which is a group of terrific investors and advisors, a product team in Ucreate, which is our design and build partner, and me.

That’s 6 of us full time plus 6 advisors adding tremendous value packed into roughly 6 hours per month [each] to get MeasureMatch where it is in a little over 6 months. As a guy who seeks out and values patterns [in data], these numbers have me wondering. Any ideas out there?

So, the MeasureMatch wheels are in motion; slowly, this thing is inexorably rolling off the production line and into active use. And we couldn’t be more thrilled.

We have mountains of new features and functionality identified for development, including numerous UX and UI items, but it’s what you think that matters most. So, don’t hold back. Let us know what you want and need to make your MM experience nothing less than outstanding. For now, tell us via the Contact Us form here or via the Bugmuncher Feedback buttons hanging on the right side of website and webapp.

The month of March is all about raising MeasureMatch's profile, plus attracting more amazing #measure, #martech and #mrx independent consultants and, of course, pulling in high quality projects.

The first batch of projects, in development now, will require marketing automation platform skills, CRM platform reporting experience, advanced customer experience analytics tech configs and more. We can’t wait to get them live (a little careful handholding is required to help make certain all goes smoothly for all involved).

Lastly, my newsletter’s first thank you. Thank you for being here. On behalf of the MeasureMatch team, thank you for your interest, ideas and support. We look forward to creating tremendous value together.

A marketplace Experts update

I am astounded by the quality of the Experts who have signed up to MeasureMatch so far. Wow!

We have amazing Experts who can create outstanding value via their skills in these areas, amongst many others: Adobe AnalyticsTealiumGoogle AnalyticsGoogle Tag ManagerTableauSalesforce, CRM data management, data layer design, data pipeline architecture, consumer research, marketing automation, JavaScript, jQuery and much more. We have Digital Analytics leaders, marketing technology professionals, BI wizards, data warehousing gurus, you get the idea. Like I said earlier, wow!

And, although we initially had a desire to focus on just a couple of geographies to start (US & UK), Experts are signing up from around the globe. This is excellent, but it’s worth underscoring that we are committed to onboarding and maintaining the best possible expertise on the MeasureMatch platform. Our screening process now is, admittedly, very rudimentary, but it will quickly evolve and scale as our numbers grow.

Currently, a very high percentage of applications are accepted (yes, these freelancers are that good; many are directly from or via my professional network). That said, we expect this acceptance rate to drop, and considerably, over time, especially as our profile grows. A high quality community of MeasureMatch Experts is better for Buyers, better for MeasureMatch, but especially better for Experts.

I’m pleased to report that Experts are signing up to become part of the MeasureMatch community nearly every day. Our goal for March is a substantive leap from February. Do you know a #measure#martech and #mrx Expert who might want easy and direct access to project work? Do encourage her/him to take a look and apply.

Notes: #measure is the hashtag frequently used by the global digital analytics community; #martech links marketing technology enthusiasts and professionals; #mrx is the Twitter connector used by many in the world of market research. Now you know ;-)

A marketplace Buyers update

When we did our product/market fit analysis last summer, off the back of terrific interviews with marketing, analytics, technology and C-level leaders across large and small enterprises, we learned a few things worth sharing again:

  • All were suffering from a shortage of technology and data skills in their immediate teams and throughout their organizations
  • Team members with the right skills and experience were maxed or not properly skilled
  • Team members in partner orgs (e.g. marketing services agencies, consultancies, systems integrators et al were also maxed or weren’t properly skilled)
  • All were accustomed to hiring consultants (of various flavours) for long and short-term work
  • None had turned to a labour marketplace to source independent professionals for project work
  • All found the prospect of using a freelance marketplace to source and hire vetted and rated tech and data talent intriguing
  • All said they would happily try MeasureMatch (when we were ready; we are now ;-)

If you’re reading this as a prospective MeasureMatch Buyer (i.e. a company in need of marketing and related tech and/or data expertise), you may find that some of the research below will help you to rationalise your leap into hiring contingent workers via this freelance marketplace.

Every company, it’s been said (by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and others), is or will soon be a software company. This is especially true in the professional worlds of marketing, commerce and customer experience measurement and optimization.

Now, despite the rise and rise of AI, bots and [primarily rules-based] automation, measurable value will continue, for a long time to come, to be created via human minds and hands. And much of that value will be derived from an agile approach to talent and expertise management.


Welcome to the “gig economy”.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Hire a Marketing Automation Team in Minutes, Not Months

Instantly get matched to highly skilled independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch.

A few words on the MeasureMatch product development roadmap

There are a million and one things we’d like to design and build. In the near term, we have these items planned.

  • Project milestone management

We’re certainly not looking to build a full project management toolset, but we’ve prioritised this because of Expert feedback.

  • Payment by project milestones

Directly tied to project milestone management above, this will help Buyers and Experts to flexibly price and pay/receive payment for segments of a project.

  • Team-building facilities

A number of Experts have asked for tools to make it easy to form virtual teams to service a project that requires more than one freelancer. We love this idea and see tremendous opportunity for Buyers and Experts alike. This item is a little complex, but we’re working hard to release it within the coming 90 days.

  • An education platform

This roadmap item is very personal to me and it’s the one I’m probably most excited about. I can’t get into the details here, but we’re in talks with several partners to develop an easily accessible, intuitive resource of lessons, courses and certification programmes, fully integrated with Experts’ profiles.

For now, if you haven’t already taken a look or a course, I’d like to recommend Julian Juenemann’s Measureschool.


A Meetup

I ran a wine club here in London via once upon a time. We were 200+ members and it was awesome. It was also expensive, not to mention demanding on the waistline.

The Marketing Technology, Data & Insight Experts Meetup will doubtless include some wine imbibing, but we’ll centrally geek out on all things tech and data. The first MTDIE Meetup is scheduled for Wed Mar 29 (venue TBD). Sign up here.

A call for ideas and MeasureMatch blog pieces (please)

You might be fooled to think that love and money are what make the world turn, but you’d be wrong. Ideas do. Big and small, ideas are the lifeblood of everything. We don’t like hardly any of them, but those that shine through and go places (e.g. your mother’s experimental rhubarb crumble that was to die for, your colleague’s custom script that transforms a pile of data into a new answer or insight in seconds instead of hours, Elon Musk’s SpaceX), boy do they have an impact.

So, while the team here has an abundance of ideas, we know that the best will come from anywhere. Bring them on. Use the contact form for now here. Thank you!

Articles & research we like

Some thanks

I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for some really amazing people, their generous time and, of course, their invaluable ideas. A few warm thanks go to:

  • My life partner, Valeria Leonardi, who is a phenomenal human, mother and entrepreneur (she’s a co-founder and COO at
  • My advisors and investors. I thank them regularly, but never enough.
  • Anita Brearton, Co-Founder & CEO of CabinetM, which is an amazing service that simplifies the complexity of marketing in today’s digital universe. Anita is a fount of industry knowledge, she was very generous with her time and I love what she’s building in CabinetM.
  • Sam and Adam at Coconut, the alternative bank account for freelancers. Their new product is very inspiring.
  • And a special thank you goes to Charles Wiles for sharing this incredible story:

Note: For the foreseeable, this update will be written and distributed by yours truly, James Sandoval, the founder of this shiny new professional services marketplace dedicated to marketing technology and CX-oriented data services.

That’s it for now.

Thank you!


James Sandoval, MeasureMatch Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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