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MeasureMatch Product Development Update: May 2022

26 May 2022
1.3 minute read

This month of May was a big one!

Here’s a breakdown of core developments moving into June 2022.


-> Country and City Refactor

Across the whole platform we have refactored and reintroduced the way we capture and store Country and City data. All users' country and city data is now a harmonized system which will open doors for us to explore using location-based data to influence and further advance our matching capabilities.

This included changes in the sign-up and service provider profile setup experiences through a new easy-to-use component.


-> Expanded Multi-User Client Account Functionality

A long overdue set of developments including:

  • Permissions & Roles aligned to what was already baked into Partner Exchange accounts
  • Team members or colleagues now have project-level access

-> Account Level Project Visibility

This development adds a valuable new association between Client & Partner Exchange accounts and users in those accounts. All users in a single account can now view all projects that are a part of that same account, if they have the right permissions.

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-> Project Detail Access

Team members invited into an account could always see a high-level summary list of all projects (active or otherwise), but our goal was to give at least some visibility of the details of these projects as well.

So, we took a big step forward by revamping, amongst other things, our Messages logic to allow non-project owners (i.e. team members) to gain access to conversations, proposals and contracts.


-> Expert Profile Skills

At the beginning of this month we had also discussed that we really wanted to introduce a number of matching capabilities advancements in the platform. Before we could make a lot of that happen, we had to update how service providers update their skills in a way that would feel like a great experience, or at least better than what it was before.

-> Service Provider Pitch Process Refactor + New Matching

Because service providers rarely have complete and updated profiles, and because our skills database is expanding every week (4,000+ skills already), we needed to introduced a matching system advancement.

This new matching advancement lives in the EOI (Expression Of Interest) experience, which is where service providers view projects and submit their pitches.

We are now applying a new algorithm which looks for a number of "match" signals. When the data signals are weak, service providers are asked to update their profiles, after which they can return to try again. When the signals are poor, service providers can't submit pitches.

So far, this appears to be working well and clients are receiving even more relevant pitches.



We are now starting to develop the next big thing - DASHBOARDS for each account type!

But first we need to change the way we collect a number of data points across the platform in order to become even more more data driven!

So the two big steps we are currently taking are:

1. Create a new data collection framework.

2. Introduce even more advanced matching using a range of data signals for clients and Partner Exchange customers.


With these two developments done we will then be able to use all far more information and create powerful dashboards that will provide excellent high-level and detailed performance views which will also provide us with the opportunity to introduce additional subscription elements.

Tiago Gil, MeasureMatch Software Developer

Object oriented programming, machine learning and data processing are some of my main interests within programming however my skills are transferable to work on projects linked to web and software development, artificial intelligence and data science.

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