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Maria - A MeasureMatch Expert Case Study

17 January 2019
3 minutes

Meet Maria, an independent consultant providing professional analytics services via MeasureMatch.

Maria has a strong background in digital marketing and has helped over thirty companies and solopreneurs use data for smarter decision making and insight driven optimization.

As a ‘self-described analytics freak’, Maria is passionate about empowering teams and individuals to become truly data-driven. She also enjoys working with growth focused companies who know they need to use data better.

“I’m good at recognising opportunities with clients, but – as with every consultant – focusing on those conversations most likely to convert into business is a tough job!”

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Hire a Marketing Automation Team in Minutes, Not Months

Instantly get matched to highly skilled independent consultants and consultancies via MeasureMatch.

Maria was successfully MeasureMatched with an award-winning business based in Germany, for an intensive three-day contract. Here she helped evolve the company website tracking and measurement by making recommendations for best use of the Google Analytics suite of tools to enable the client’s digital marketing team to adjust tactics to impact results.

“After registering on MeasureMatch I was able to view current client projects and register my interest for those relevant to my area of expertise and my Berlin location. After pitching for a project posted by a MeasureMatch client, I was linked directly with the decision-maker, had valuable conversations which provided me with more depth and was successful in gaining the work.”

When you need an extra pair of hands MeasureMatch is your route to directly access only highly skilled and experienced tech, data and analytics pros, on-demand, to help drive more from your #marketing investment in 2019.

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Mai Hussein

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