James Sandoval
11 July 2018
2 minute read

3 Examples of How MeasureMatch Works for Companies - Part 2

A couple of days ago I posted Part 1of a two-part blog post to describe what a buyer [aka a client] can expect from the MeasureMatch service.

Below, is a shiny, new, more visual way of describing the user experience, the flow.

Check it out and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any ideas, comments or questions. I’m easily booked for a chat here.


Find and book a Marketing Automation pro in minutes, not days

Easily get matched to a vetted & highly skilled independent consultant or consultancy via MeasureMatch

Learn more about MeasureMatch Experts

What a ride it’s been.

This note is also a hello, an update and a prompt to make my ambition known, a cue I’m taking from Paige O’Neill, CMO, Sitecore, from her MarTech Podcast Q&A with Ben Shapiro - an excellent listen: https://benjshap.com/martech-podcast. Highly recommended.  

I’ve been on a phenomenal startup journey with an amazing co-founder, Tom Ray, a hard-working, motivated and inspiring team, a group of trusted investors and advisors, and we’ve now reached a pretty special place in the development of our enterprise professional services marketplace platform.

We started platform software development nearly 3 years. The goal was to provide an easy, elegant, trusted (Airbnb-like) route for business leaders in marketing, commerce, product, analytics, HR, plus agencies and consultancies, to easily find independent consultants and consultancies and book them into service contracts.

We’re now track to see over 1,000 clients sign up to the MeasureMatch service in 2019!

And this is just the beginning.

Note: The category of professional services broadly covers value provided through and derived from business engagements with law and accounting firms, management consultancies, auditors, engineers, architects and financial planners, to name a few. The MeasureMatch marketplace, however, enables the buying and selling of enterprise software systems & data professional services, with a special focus on address marketing, commerce, customer experience systems & data business needs: https://web.measurematch.com/

So, at your own volition (of course ;-), I’d love for you to click across - or use your favourite search engine later - to take a look at my latest venture, MeasureMatch.

If you know how Airbnb works, then you already know how MeasureMatch works.

Similar to booking an apartment, the MeasureMatch platform provides the facilities to easily book highly-skilled, screened and vetted and, increasingly, verified independent consultants & consultancies into contracts to execute important enterprise systems, data management, data engineering and data science project work.

Our mission is ambitious, but simple: To empower every organization globally to execute with unbelievable agility.

MeasureMatch is the platformization and personalization of enterprise systems & data professional services.

We’ll get to the personalization part in a moment.

That said, it’s not just any project work that clients turn to MeasureMatch to get done.

Here’s a sample of the 2,000+ systems that are commonly serviced, deployed, migrated, fixed, integrated, including tremendous value created from the vast volumes of data collected by these systems:

  • Customer Experience Analytics (FullStory, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics +)
  • Marketing Automation Systems (Intercom, Autopilot, Hubspot, SendGrid +)
  • Personalisation & A/B Testing (Google Optimize, Optimizely, Qubit +)
  • Data Management & Reporting (Google Data Studio, Datorama, Tableau +)
  • Data Collection (Heap, Segment, Funnel +)
  • Product Analytics (Amplitude, Mixpanel, Looker +)
  • Identity Resolution (Tealium, LiveRamp, Signal +)
  • Enterprise Cloud Platforms (GCP, AWS, Azure +)
  • And many, many more.

Greater than 90% of completed contracts have received five star ratings and glowing written reviews.

Oh, and while our clients regularly use services like Airbnb, Deliveroo, Uber and many others, over 90% of clients have never “purchased” any professional services via any "platform" before. The opportunity for growth is not small.

We’re over the moon with our performance to date, but we’ve worked extra carefully and hard to ensure both clients and service providers are right for the marketplace. Not only are service providers screened and interviewed, but a high percentage of new client account applications are not approved. Yes, it is indeed private club-like. It’s worth it.

Very excitingly, the service providers across our network, in 60+ countries, are capturing growing volumes of revenue, and some are starting to rope in new team members to form agencies and consultancies of their own. This is especially thrilling - to think that our early stage startup could already help to generate this kind of economic development makes me especially proud of what we’re building.

It gets better. We’re ready to go to the next level of differentiation, trust and growth.

Differentiation for any business is critically important, and it’s perhaps especially true for MeasureMatch in a noisy, growing category of - predominantly horizontal - online talent and services marketplaces.

Despite the fact that more than nearly all of our clients have never purchased business professional services via a marketplace platform before their MeaureMatch experience, we know that it’s vitally important to demonstrate that we can solve important problems in one or more large markets, with one or more protective “moats” that add substantive value, differently from the pack of directly and indirectly competitive forces.

The strategy we’re executing already packs a solidly differentiated punch, and it’s about to get even stronger.

And it starts with trust. Trust is everything.

The design of our award-winning platform already works well to engender a high level of trust, but we know we can do better.

Note: MeasureMatch has been "longlisted" by The Europas Awards for the Hottest MadTech (MarTech or AdTech) Startup. The public vote is on now! Vote for MeasureMatch here. A vote for MeasureMatch is a vote for the entirety of the marketing and advertising technology ecosystems because that's what we're supporting via the MeasureMatch systems & data professional services marketplace platform. If you want to limit your vote to one category and one company (ours and us!), click here https://lnkd.in/dM2Ty3M to skip to the end to submit your vote.

The differentiating elements of our/any marketplace environment are nothing when the two core parts of the value equation, buyers and sellers, don’t have a clear understanding of, or belief in, its reliability, credibility, service processes and customer support, and follow-through.

So, to those ends, we’re investing heavily to further strengthen this pillar of our business. Watch this space. We’ll soon announce a breakthrough platform innovation.

Regarding growth, so long as we continue to attentively listen to our customers, and quickly design, innovate and build to improve the customer experience, we’ll do well.

Millions of small to large companies around the planet earth are becoming software-driven enterprises. They’re adopting 1,000s of software products for customer acquisition, customer service, customer experience measurement, customer experience personalization, marketing automation, marketing performance reporting, data management, data engineering, predictive modelling, product analytics and much, much more.

MeasureMatch is for those organisations that are prepared to radically accelerate their enterprise systems and data capabilities, and, importantly, without the enterprise-level costs.

My team and I have been extraordinarily lucky to build this business. To see business leaders and service providers enter the platform from all around the globe is extremely exciting. And then to see them enter into service contracts to get important work done, the majority of the time with vast geographic distances between them, well, how can I not be completely amazed by what we’ve created.

It helps that our investors are exceptional industry leaders across Google, Oracle, Integral Ad Science, WPP, Omnicom Media Group, Havas Media and similar. And our advisors care a great deal about what we’re working toward; their ideas, introductions, encouragement are invaluable.

The “Military Brat” in me especially excited.

In just a couple of years, my LinkedIn network of professional relationships (around 4,000) is on track to be eclipsed, within a few weeks or months, by the network of relationships supported by the MeasureMatch marketplace.

Thank you so much for reading. Get in touch with any questions or ideas.


Note: This was originally published to LinkedIn.

James Sandoval

Founder & CEO of MeasureMatch

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