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Beers, Snacks, Cars, Trips To Space & Freelancers. On Demand. It's the 2021 Super Bowl LV Advertising Juggernaut.

9 February 2021
2 minute read

Hats off to Fiverr

With not-so-oblique references to Rudy Giuliani's parking lot PR gaffe (yes, at *that* press conference), Fiverr's Super Bowl ad is a fascinating effort from a fellow professional services marketplace.

And it’s a huge move for any B2B marketer to spend that big - it's estimated this year's Super Bowl slots cost $5.6 million, and Fiverr's ad production costs couldn't have been cheap.

B2B marketing leaders across the US (and globally) are no doubt asking themselves, "Can that much cost and effort really be justified?" 

Fiverr’s shareholders may have something to say about it on their next leadership call, but with Fiverr’s stock on a phenomenal 10x growth run since March 2020, it’ll likely be all champagne and pats on the back. 

That said, profitability remains elusive for Fiverr, so every penny counts even for an organization with a $10 billion market capitalization.


Speaking of trends, Google Trends shows Fiverr reached “peak popularity” (a top search interest score of 100) on the evening of the game, a firmly guaranteed outcome, is it enough?

Given Fiverr’s call to action was “Freelance services. On demand.” you might, dear reader, also expect to see the term “freelance” pop equally as dramatically. 

But not so.

MeasureMatch logo shape in blue

Solve Cloud Software, Data & AI Challenges Faster

For startups to large enterprises, MeasureMatch is the marketplace platform connecting business leaders with amazing consulting and professional services partners.

No matter.

In putting such a significant advertising stake in the ground, Fiverr has singlehandedly lifted the profile of the entire professional services marketplace sector to centre stage, standing alongside brand-building, advertising stalwarts General Motors, P&G and PepsiCo. 

And, for good measure, Wayne and Garth with Cardi B. Go figure!

You can watch all of this year’s Super Bowl ads here.

So from the MeasureMatch team to Fiverr, thank you! 

P.S. The jury's still out on The Weeknd's Halftime Show, but there's no doubt Abel's live vocals were sublime.

Emma Marlow, MeasureMatch Co-Founder & COO

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