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Authoritas joins the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange

9 March 2021
2 minute read

MeasureMatch is excited to announce the participation of Authoritas in the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange.

Authoritas is a comprehensive SEO software platform that supports professional SEO teams to produce consistent organic growth for brands across all industries, including Gumtree, TK Maxx, CDiscount and Geico, to mention but a few.

And now Authoritas uses MeasureMatch.

“Often clients using our platform will come to us for advice and recommendations around how to select the right SEO consultant or digital marketing agency to work with them.  We work with lots of excellent service providers internationally and wanted to make it easy for our users to find experts who can help them make the most out of our unique SEO data and tools and support them to grow organic traffic that converts. MeasureMatch allows us to refer clients in an impartial way to a recommended selection of platform experts who will deliver great results and help them make the most of their SEO budgets - achieving more SEO success in less time.” Laurence O’Toole,CEO, Authoritas

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Partner with Authoritas in the Partner Exchange Today!

Authoritas's profile and a Partner Bench are now live and open for existing Authoritas service partners to join through applying to the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace and for MeasureMatch service providers to apply to be Authoritas-verified.

If you're an experienced Authoritas user login and apply today. Or if you’re already a Authoritas service partner, sign up for a MeasureMatch account.

Want to know more?  Check out our Help Center.

The MeasureMatch Team

This one's on us!

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