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The Partner Exchange Is For Partner Growth And Lots More

Partnerships & Customer Success Leaders...
Grow, support & promote verified service provider partners
Reach new end customers through partners & directly
Bring new accountability to partner relationships
And much more

What's inside?

Access to 5,000+ buyers and sellers, and growing fast
Tools to seamlessly buy services, too
Marketplace analytics for deep accountability
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You're in great company with 5,000+ agencies, consultancies and independent consultants with amazing skills like these!
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What's inside?

5,000s of vetted & valuable service providers for your custom bench(es)
Automated matching & personalization for partner growth
High touch MeasureMatch customer service
Currently invite only

What's inside?

High-value buying and selling of enterprise professional services
Tools to control and limit marketplace visibility
Partner Marketplace analytics, including partner performance
Ian Tickle from DOMO

"Domo is proud to partner with MeasureMatch to open up a great talent pool of data professionals to our customers and partners."


Pricing & Plans

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$199 per user per month


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Number of users
3 users included, then per user per month
Number of marketplaces
Invite service providers from the MeasureMatch network
Invite own service provider partners
Review & approve service provider partners
Create & publish service packages
Access all service provider profiles
Partner performance dashboard
Service provider recruitment by MeasureMatch
Joint marketing initiatives
Paid media outreach recruitment to new service providers

Here's how it works

Minutes to set up and minutes per month to maintain.

a screenshot from the platform showing the Microsfot Power BI MarketplaceA screenshot from the platform showing the partner global distributiona screenshot from the platform showing stats about clients

Deep Insight For Partner & Customer Growth

Each partner's services contract provides mountains of opportunity for deeper partnerships, product ideas, customer success process enhancements, and heaps more.

Step 1

Apply for a Partner Exchange account

It's fast and free.

Step 2

Add your Partner Marketplace

A few clicks and you're done.

Step 3

Invite, verify and showcase partners

Partners love the added verifications for their profiles.

Step 4

Add colleagues and customers

Share the love and empower team members to support partners and maximise customer success.

And, send customers to MeasureMatch to buy services from your partners - with full accountability.

Step 5

Measure partner performance

Deepen and broaden partnerships with unique data & insights.

Step 5

Grow net new revenue

Maximise opportunities for service providers to package product sales into their services engagements.

A photo of Simon Taylor from Tealium

“The partnership with MeasureMatch for Tealium is a great step in supporting our partners and customers by providing more ways to connect the two, and at the right level of experience. ”


Heaps Of Features & Functionality

These are just the beginning. Ask us for more. Ask us for better.

End-to-End & Transactional

All service providers are directly bookable by PX & Client account holders.

Vetted Service Provider Network

Only the very best are invited and retained to participate – by us or by you.

Ratings & Reviews

These signals help to make informed service provider choices.

Service Packages

These are “use cases” as bookable packages. Only verified partners can get booked to provide the services.

Service Package Vouchers

Give any value to any customer as an investment in their growth through partners’ services.

Tactical & Strategic Reporting

See when your partners pick up contracts from customers you refer into MeasureMatch for services, see how many service providers feature your product as a skill and much more.

Free Direct Marketing

That's right. We promote Partner Marketplaces to our customers to maximize value for all parties.

Services & Execution First

Software & data add the greatest value when the best minds are driving strategy and the right hands doing the execution.

Phenomenal Customer Service

The MeasureMatch team is dedicated to supporting and serving you every step of the way.

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All business leaders need good partners.

Be a good partner and deepen partnerships here.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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