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Consultancy Services

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consultants & consultancies on-demand.

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MeasureMatch is where business leaders get systems & data work done.

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Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro

"I am absolutely blown away by how intuitive, helpful, and easy-to-navigate your platform is. I’m very impressed."

— Rebecca Weiser, Director of Integrated Media & Analytics, DiMassimo Goldstein

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is MeasureMatch's mission?

Very simply, our mission is to empower every organization to execute with unbelievable agility.

This means we're doing everything we can to be useful for business leaders to more successfully build their ventures and to compete and win in their respective categories.

How does pricing work?

Similar to Airbnb, MeasureMatch operates a "split-fee" pricing model. A platform fee is deducted from the gross contract value paid out to service providers and a platform fee is charged to clients. These are determined on a sliding scale - the more the client or a service provider contracts via MeasureMatch, the lower the fee. These fees are fully transparent in the proposal and contract process and can be viewed here.

Please note: MeasureMatch is headquartered in the United Kingdom. This means that MeasureMatch platform fees will include VAT as required, in line with UK/EEA laws.

What should I do after I sign-up to MeasureMatch as a service provider?

The next step is to look for live projects which suit your skills, bandwidth, interest and submit your interest to clients.

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