ERP Implementation - or Rescue

ERP Implementation - or Rescue

Paul-Henri V

Expert Strategist & Change Manager

20 days
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The vast majority of ERP implementations (SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft et al) fail at their first attempt, you only need google "ERP failure rate" to get articles like this: "" and many varying reasons why it happens. DON'T DO IT! Get it right the first time by working with an expert in the field, in other words someone who has rescued numerous large-scale failed implementations, and run several successful first-time implementations from scratch. I could have written the book on how to avoid these failures, and how to get it right up front, but I've been too busy working. And in any event, getting it right is not a matter of applying a formula: an enormous amount of experience comes into play, especially when negotiating with implementation partners and managing them to results, when motivating teams, managing stakeholders, getting the sponsors on board, and so on. These are predominantly situation-specific challenges and there is no single approach. Therefore I propose the following services: A. Diagnostics and Recommendations: If your ERP implementation is struggling and you're worried about its success, I will come in and find out what's happening, let you know, and work with you to map a way out of the weeds and back onto a successful path. I can then leave you to work at it and come back in for periodic check, or... B. ERP Implementation Management ("Rescue"): As I done many times, I am wiling and able to step in and manage your implementation, and keep it on track to success. I have done this as project manager, and also as "shadow" manager, in situations where it's been politically inadvisable to replace the person in charge. I can do either, I have no ego in this regard. C. ERP Implementation Management ("From Scratch"): Hire me to get this right from the start, preferably from before any decision on scope, software, functionality and so on, but at any point as early as feasible. I will then assist you in setting things up so that they have the absolute best chances of success, and by that I mean on time, on budget, and to spec., and then run it with you and/or for you, all the way to go-live and even beyond. In all of these scenarios, my services can include (but are not limited to): - Definition of objectives and specific desired outcomes (very important - aim high, but be realistic) - Design of a project plan and budget: how is this all going to work, by when, and for how much? - Business process re-engineering: how do you want to work in the future? - Definition of functional requirements: which functions are critical, which are nice-to-have? - Definition of technical requirements: do you want an in-house solution? Off-site? SaaS? - Alignment with IT strategy, and possible re-alignment of IT strategy depending on objectives - Selection of software: using your future process vision, functional and technical requirements - Selection of an implementation partner: who will configure and/or install the system for you? - Contract negotiation with software and service providers (this is a big one) - Identification of resources, internal and possible specialist-external (business process owners, stakeholders, steering committee(s) and so on) - Definition of method, with client: more traditional, or more "agile" (e.g. scrum), whatever is best suited - Definition and execution of a change management program (communications, training, preparation) - Day-to-day project management, risk assessment and mitigation, progress tracking - Periodic reporting to stakeholders and senior sponsors - always brutally frank - Constant troubleshooting and risk mitigation: no surprises except nice ones! - Hands-on management of staff and especially the implementation partner, keeping them marching ...and the many, many tasks at a lower level that play into overall success. I look forward to exploring this with you further.


Project Strategy and Plan

Change Management Strategy and Plan

Technical (IT) Strategy and Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MeasureMatch quality control new service providers?

Every one of the MeasureMatch network of service providers has been through a stringent application process, including an interview to ensure relevance of Service providers and quality of delivery. And each is fully aware of the how the platform works, including the commercial framework.

What is MeasureMatch?

MeasureMatch is a professional services marketplace for brands and agencies to get important systems and data work done faster. Our end-to-end platform provides business leaders globally with direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, liquid and verified workforce of independent business applications engineers and related data management and data science professionals.

It's never been easier to find and book a consultant or consultancy to get important systems or data work done.

Which services can clients contract via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform?

The independent consultants and consultancies in our global network, around 3,000 in 50+ countries (as of early May 2019), execute important sytems and data project work including, but not limited to: A/B testing, CRM systems deployments and revamps, CRO, data cleaning, marketing performance reporting, identity resolution setup, machine learning for predicting and optimizing customer behaviours, marketing automation systems implementations, social media analytics, tag management, UX analytics, web analytics and much more.

The MeasureMatch global network of professionals is highly skilled, many are certified service providers with proficiencies across more than 2,000 tools and products including the Adobe stack, the Google suite of tools, AWS and Microsoft cloud solutions, DOMO, Power BI, Segment, Optimizely, Tableau and many more.

Who should sign up to MeasureMatch?

On one side, MeasureMatch is for independent consultants and consultancies with outstanding technology, data or analytics skills and experience. And, on the other, it’s for companies that need to solve, address and advance marketing, commerce, customer experience technology & data challenges, and they are open to embracing service providers located anywhere across the globe.

What are Service Packages?

Service Packages are effectively the briefs that clients don't want to write.
Service Packages are designed to be operationally and tactically detail oriented to compliment Experts' profiles and help clients choose service provider partners with ease and confidence.
Service Packages are the only way to directly strike up a discovery, scoping, pricing and contract negotiation with any MeasureMatch Expert (otherwise, a project brief needs to be submitted).
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