Business Intelligence Starter Kit - eCommerce

Business Intelligence Starter Kit - eCommerce

Hisham F

Marketing & Web Analytics

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Are you using a wide variety of web analytics tools to monitor your online presence and performance? Google Ads reports, Facebook Ads reports, Google Analytics dashboards and reports, email reports from your coworkers and suppliers, Facebook page insights report, Instagram shop report, Shopify sales data, and other reports from many other tools! Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of data in those dashboards and reports? How about confused with the amount of disconnected stories your data is trying to tell you? Microsoft Power BI allows you to connect and import data from multiple sources like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Magento, SQL, Google Sheets, Excel, and many other sources. Full list of supported sources: Once connected and integrated Into a data model, you will be able to make data-driven decisions to optimize and scale your performance. A BI solution will facilitate: -Data visualization and presentation -Data integration -Trends and predictive insights -Data standardization -Data transformation -Data integration -Information sharing -KPI and change monitoring With this offer, I will connect up to 5 data sources, extract data from them, transform the data, create relationship if any, and visualize your results in a report consisting of up to 5 graphs and tables, with slicers and filters, With this offer you will be able to track the right metrics in a single dashboard, in addition to being able to define new metrics based on newly integrated data, You will be able to take this file and use it to connect more data sources to your business model or request any additional services to support you further with your business intelligence requirements.


Microsoft Power BI Desktop source file

Connection with data sources (up to 5 included with this package)

Data visualization of results in a single dashboard report consisting of up to 5 graphs and tables, with slicers and filters

Frequently Asked Questions

Which services can clients contract via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform?

The consultants, consultancies, agencies & SIs in our global network execute important systems and data project work including, but not limited to:

-            Select and deploy a data warehouse solutions like Snowflake, BigQuery and others

-            Set up dashboards in Power BI, Tableau or Google Data Studio

-            Power customer data collection using RudderStack, Segment, Tealium or similar

-            Implement product analytics solutions like Mixpanel or Amplitude

-            Build data pipelines in Azure, AWS and Google Cloud

-            Transform data using dbt, Fivetran and similar

-            Plus heaps of data & analytics services reaching into complex AI/ML initiatives

The MeasureMatch global network of professionals is highly skilled, many are certified service providers with proficiencies across more than 3,000+ tools and products including the Adobe Experience Cloud stack, the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud suite of tools, Segment, Mixpanel, Intercom, Hubspot, DOMO, Power BI, Tableau and 1,000s more.

Why book consultants or consultancies via MeasureMatch?

It's easy and incredibly fast to find and book an incredibly valuable professional services partners through the MeasureMatch marketplace platform.

And, because we handpick and screen all service provider applicants, or they are invited by technology vendors participating in the MeasureMatch Partner Exchange, we're seeing more than 95% of contracts rated 5 full starts by clients (as of September 2023).

Whether it's Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Intercom or Freshsales skills you need - to name a few in one of our most popular services categories (CRM & Marketing Automation), MeasureMatch has the skills and pros you need.

3,000+ skills across 10,000+ systems & data services professionals are accessible via the MeasureMatch marketplace and partnerships platform.

You'll have direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, verified workforce of independent consultants, consultancies, agencies and even system integrators, each armed with the skills to advance customer and product data collection, data engineering, data pipeline management, marketing analytics, marketing automation, personalization, programmatic media investment management and much more.

Who should sign up to MeasureMatch?

On one side, through a Client account, the platform is for business leaders who need to solve for, address and advance any number of cloud software systems and/or data challenges, and they are open to embracing service providers located anywhere across the globe to get the work done.

On another side, with a Service Provider account, MeasureMatch is for consultancies, agencies, system integrators and independent consultants to provide exceptional systems & data professional services.

The third entry point into MeasureMatch, the Partner Exchange, is for SaaS and enterprise software vendors, and a growing number of other types of organizations, to use a set of tools grow and deepen service provider relationships for customer success, go-to-market partnerships, and more.

Does MeasureMatch quality control new service providers?

Every one of the MeasureMatch network of service providers has been through a stringent application process, including an interview to ensure relevance of Service providers and quality of delivery. And each is fully aware of the how the platform works, including the commercial framework.

What are MeasureMatch Service Packages?

A Service Package describes a service on offer from a consultant or consultancy participating in the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace.
Service Packages compliment MeasureMatch Experts' profiles with services that can be booked "off the shelf".
Service Packages are the only way a prospective client can directly strike up a discovery, scoping, pricing negotiation with any MeasureMatch Expert - otherwise, a project brief needs to be submitted.
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