Phil S

Phil S

Executive Consultant Expanding Companies

Gilbert, AZ, USA
Independent Consultant

About This MeasureMatch Expert

Hey Team! Great to meet you - My name is Phil Shearon, a Solutions / Strategy Consultant, based in Gilbert, Arizona. I have 15+ years working with Fortune 500 companies and companies with many levels of success, in roles responsible for operational changes and with projects responsibilities in Customer/Client Experience, Business Operations, Executive Management, and Sales. Currently, I am a freelance consultant for companies that are looking to optimize operations and reengineer processes to best align for their project goals. I design specific solutions for your unique business goals. My greatest point of strength is creating and/or refining operational processes/conditions to best position the companies I work with to "win with their customers" in a way that will take them beyond their current success and achieve their goals. Some of my other skills that I have helped companies with are in Business Development, Sales Operations, and Management Consulting. I also have extensive experience in identifying additional needs in key areas or growth opportunities that align with their business goals (when it is part of my SOW of course). I am a person of integrity, an optimist, an activator, I believe that communication is everything, I am strategic, and incredibly tenacious - my work is completed with excellence. I've attached an example of my work below that included taking an established/successful company from the lowest client satisfaction rating, to being awarded a "best in Industry" award - by implementing changes in phases over 3 months. This ultimately lead to financial success by increasing their average client LTV. I do have permission to share some details about the project. However, some details cannot be shared for confidentiality reasons. Will you be available for a quick, 15-minute call? Thank you for your time and I look forward to connecting soon!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does MeasureMatch quality control new service providers?

Every one of the MeasureMatch network of service providers has been through a stringent application process, including an interview to ensure relevance of Service providers and quality of delivery. And each is fully aware of the how the platform works, including the commercial framework.

Who should sign up to MeasureMatch?

On one side, MeasureMatch is for independent consultancies, agencies, systems integrators and independent consultants with outstanding technology, data or analytics skills and experience to provide services. On the other, the platform is for companies that need to solve, address and advance marketing, commerce, customer experience technology & data challenges, and they are open to embracing service providers located anywhere across the globe via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform.

Why book consultants or consultancies via MeasureMatch?

It's easy and incredibly fast to find and book a pro via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform. And, because we interview all service providers, we're at a 100% contract success rate. Clients are happy and many are re-booking or extending contracts.

Whether it's Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, HubSpot, Intercom or Freshsales skills you're after - to name a few in our hottest category of services - MeasureMatch has pros you need. That just the very beginning of 1,000s of skills and services on-demand.

Our end-to-end platform provides clients with direct, seamless and flexible access to a highly-skilled, verified workforce of independent consultants and consultants armed with the skills to advance data collection, marketing analytics, business performance insight, personalization, programmatic media targeting and much more.

It's never been easier to find and book a consultant or consultancy to get important systems or data work done.

Which services can clients contract via the MeasureMatch marketplace platform?

The consultants, consultancies, agencies & SIs in our global network, approaching 4,000 in 60+ countries (as of early July 2020), execute important systems and data project work including, but not limited to: CRM systems deployments and revamps, CRO, data cleaning, marketing performance reporting, identity resolution setup, machine learning for predicting and optimizing customer behaviors, marketing automation systems implementations, social media analytics, CX analytics, web analytics and much much more.

The MeasureMatch global network of professionals is highly skilled, many are certified service providers with proficiencies across more than 3,000+ tools and products including the Adobe Experience Cloud stack, the Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud suite of tools, Segment, Mixpanel, Intercom, Hubspot, DOMO, Power BI, Tableau and 1,000s more.

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"MeasureMatch helped me to find the right analytics expertise to address some really important data collection and reporting challenges."


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