Read about how this luxury travel focused digital agency turned to MeasureMatch to help a boutique hotel client.


The client quickly fixed a very tricky cross-domain customer experience problem.

About the Client

The Client is a North American boutique digital agency helping luxury hospitality & travel brands create tailored digital marketing strategies that inspire travel.

The Requirements

The Client needed a cross-domain superstar to unlock the secret of joining three domains together for a local hotel client, including a brand site, booking engine, and a third party popup. The agency sought a specialist to implement a solution which would retain the correct attribution between domains and ensure end-to-end tracking of user experience

The Process

The Client turned to MeasureMatch; creating a client account and posting a project brief, which was quickly shared with the MeasureMatch network of consultants and consultancies. Within hours, they received 14 expressions of interest. Electing to start conversations with the most suitable respondees to scope and cost his project further, the Client settled on certified expert Ahmad, founder of an independent web analytics & CRO consultancy based in Hungary.

The Result

Working remotely, Ahmad proved to be the cross-domain superstar the Client was looking for. Using his extensive experience to recommend and implement a solution that retained the correct attribution between each element, Ahmad joined the three domains together via cross-domain tracking, negating the need for a holding page and enabling the seamless tracking of user experience the Client had outlined in their brief. Another example of the global reach of MeasureMatch partnering demand and supply across countries to facilitate efficient, effective project delivery and - ultimately - client success.

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