Singapore-based HRTech start-up gets BI dashboards built for increased customer understanding. On-demand.

Lanterne Rouge quickly advanced its ability to demonstrate evidence-backed customer ROI.

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About Lanterne Rouge

Lanterne Rouge enables individuals, teams and organisations to realise their personal bests through innovative people solutions, bringing a Human-Centred Design, HRTech & sound psychological theory to strategic talent initiatives, including: Coaching & Leader Development, Talent Strategy & Org Development, Talent Acquisition Advisory and Modernized Talent Technology.

The Requirements

With a brand new Microsoft Power BI license, Lanterne Rouge needed a BI tool/data expert to structure a number of data sets and set up reporting dashboards. Strategic guidance, including a best-in-class approach, was also desired. Lastly, embedding dashboards was a requirement - with a development house to support.

The Solutions

Creating a MeasureMatch client account and submitting a project brief, Rebecca received expressions of interest from a bevy of relevant BI experts from across the MeasureMatch global network of consultants, consultancies agencies and SIs. Engaging in comms with the two especially unique and experienced consultants, Rebecca agreed to kick off an initial two week contract with an exceptional professional, Yasser, who is based in Cairo, Egypt. Yasser, a 7+ year business intelligence professional and independent consultant, was engaged on a remote basis to support the Lanterne Rouge team.

The Result

Yasser proved to be the perfect data analytics consultant for Lanterne Rouge. His BI developer and consulting chops had already been honed and refined through services for more than 20 enterprise organizations worldwide. He went on to create several customer analytics dashboards. Following on from this contract, Yasser was re-contracted to work with Rebecca as the Data & Insights Workstream Lead for advanced analytics projects - he was accountable for the accuracy, impact and relevancy for all required BI insights and reporting for Lanterne Rouge, its products and customers. All through MeasureMatch!

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