MeasureMatch was a match for this social dating app in need of a Mixpanel implementation pro.

San Francisco-based MatchMe tapped into the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace to advance user analytics and growth.

USD $1,100
2 weeks


MatchMe is a social dating app allowing users to choose matchmakers from among their friends, and encouraging the chosen matchmakers to introduce their single friends to the user.

The Requirements

MatchMe needed a Mixpanel pro, working remotely to configure dashboards, reports and push notifications with the aim of analyzing and growing user adoption and optimizing its overall customer experience.

The Solutions

Connecting with MeasureMatch, MatchMe Founder Alan created a client account and posted a project brief to our network of 3,000+ marketing technologists, from 60+ countries around the globe. After receiving expressions of interest from experienced, vetted consultants and consultancies, MatchMe chose to work with Justin B, an analytics consultant with nearly a decade's experience in digital analytics.

The Result

Contracting Justin through the MeasureMatch platform, MatchMe's project deliverables were quickly achieved, drawing on Justin's considerable experience in the dashboard visualization field to create a Mixpanel / Event Tracking Audit and setting up multiple Mixpanel Funnel & Cohort Reports. On completion of the project, MatchMe gave Justin a five star glowing review, with Alan highlighting that he would both use MeasureMatch in the future and recommend the platform to others.

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Stephanie Bales is the head of e-commerce at Kano and used MeasureMatch to hire a Google Tag Manager Pro

My experience has been excellent - professional, extremely caring, very high quality of expertise in the expert with whom we were matched. I would absolutely recommend MeasureMatch to anyone looking for a provider in this space.

Alan Lewis, Founder