Huggg substantialy advanced its marketing &product analytics capabilities.

Huggg tapped into the MeasureMatch Human Cloud to quickly advance its data management, analytics and insight capabilities.

USD $28,000
5 months

About Huggg

Huggg, included on the Forbes "startups to watch in 2019" list, is a service based company enabling customers to send food and drink to friends in seconds using a mobile app. Tapping into the idea that "kindness is contagious", Huggg is scaling fast from its base in Bristol, UK.

The Requirements

In late 2018 founder and CEO Paul Wickers decided to fix the challenge that Huggg didn't yet have robust marketing and product tracking, analytics and dashboard setups to move forward with data accuracy and so better market to existing and potential customers.

The Solutions

Paul created a MeasureMatch Client account and submitted a project brief, seeking a consultant or consultancy to take on the task of evolving Huggg's tracking and analytics capability. Following the receipt of 20 expressions of interest from relevant professionals within hours, Paul selected the cream of the crop for discovery, scoping & pricing conversations, received proposals and quickly booked a remote-working consultant, Justin, into a contract. Justin is an exceptionally skilled digital nomad currently operating out of Spain, as of the publication of this case study.

The Result

With 8 years experience working both as a full-time employee and consultant for numerous high tech startups, Justin proved to be a great fit for Huggg. Not only did Justin successfully provide Huggg advice on the correct tracking / analytics tools for their marketing and product conversion needs, he configured these tools to create dashboards for ongoing use and ensured integration with SDKs / APIs where necessary. With the project completed, Huggg and Justin have discussed further work together in 2019 via the MeasureMatch platform.

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"The MeasureMatch service very quickly returned relevant and vetted matches that were a great fit with our requirements, and we can see a number of areas where we will use it again and again".

Paul Wickers, Founder & CEO