VC-Backed Correcto Upped Its Sales Operations Game With a Rapid Salesforce Sales Cloud Deployment


After Salesforce recommended consultancy partners requiring a $10k+ minimum budget, Correcto tried the MeasureMatch professional services marketplace and got exactly what it needed fast.

About Correcto

London and Madrid-based Correcto is the first smart writing assistant for the Spanish language.

When you write with Correcto, Correcto's AI analyzes each sentence and finds ways to improve it. Whether it's correcting spelling, suggesting a more robust sentence structure or offering a different verb tense, Correcto is improving lives by improving communication.

The Requirements

The Correcto leadership team wanted to grow its business with the help of the Salesforce Sales Cloud.

With five Salesforce Sales Cloud Professional licenses locked in, the team just needed a capable and reliable partner to help with the setup, implementation and usage guidance.

The Process

“SFSC is a platform that really facilitates the path towards growth. We were also looking for an intuitive and easy to use platform and SFSC matches this criteria. As an early-stage startup, we have to move fast. In our case, the sales team hiring happened fast and we had to train them on the software they were going to use,” said Abraham López, Co-Founder & CEO, Correcto.

Abraham said this about his choice to work with MeasureMatch: “I chose MeasureMatch due to the close support I received from the beginning and also because it is the perfect marketplace platform to use to compare different proposals. I didn’t have much knowledge on the industry and what to expect when it came to pricing. MeasureMatch completely solved that problem and it helped me to complete the process from beginning to end.”

Abraham and his colleagues received high quality pitches from two boutique consultancies and three independent consultants within 36 hours of publishing the services requirements. A further three independent consultants pursued the opportunity shortly after.

Not wanting to waste any time, Abraham struck while the iron was hot and initiated *discovery conversations with three prospective partners. 

Within a week, Abraham had three proposals, each priced right around his required budget. Abraham clicked to accept the most aligned proposal, converting it into a contract to kickstart Correcto’s journey to advance its sales operations effectiveness through the Salesforce Sales Cloud.  

Abraham’s professional services partner for the journey was a Netherlands-based boutique Salesforce consultancy, the founder of which is an exceptional Salesforce consultant and solution architect.

*We recommend opening discovery conversations with 3 to 5 service providers who have submitted the most persuasive pitches. We work hard to ensure only the best professionals provide services via MeasureMatch, and 3 appears to be the magic number. Consistently, at least one wins the project. Sometimes two service providers are booked into contracts.

The Result

Abraham and his team were thoroughly impressed with the whole MeasureMatch experience, the results achieved and how quickly it was all done.

Thanks to a fantastic consultancy partner, Correcto now has Salesforce’s Sales Cloud configured to support their scale-up plans. 

Correcto is now able to view, manage and react to sales operations data in realtime, continuing the rapid growth the company has been experiencing.

“I found MeasureMatch in a group of fellow founders and my experience throughout was excellent. The team was extremely happy to support me via phone calls and WhatsApp. It was a close professional relationship that led to an amazing outcome. I was able to find a provider through the platform. The job was done quicker, cheaper and required little time from my side. I appreciated the initiative the provider had in every moment. Before knowing MeasureMatch, I had received proposals for the same service up to $10k more expensive. What I loved about MeasureMatch was the guidance, asymmetrical information and understanding of the service I had in every single moment. I was extremely happy to come across MeasureMatch. I would definitely recommend to anyone. For me there is no other way,” added Abraham López, Co-Founder & CEO, Correcto.

Supporting Abraham's Salesforce requirements was a fantastic experience for us, too. Today’s CRM setup requirements for sales, marketing and customer service are growing in complexity, but setting up a high-performing foundation doesn't have to cost the earth. We're excited to be part of Correcto's growth and success, and we look forward to working with Abraham and his team down the road,” James Sandoval, Founder & CEO, MeasureMatch.

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“Projects are vetted by MeasureMatch to ensure they are relevant and have budget. Pitching for work, communication and payment through the platform are all seamless”.
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“I was extremely happy to find MeasureMatch. I would definitely recommend it to anyone. For me there is no other way.”

Abraham López, Co-Founder & CEO, Correcto